Daredevil - Marvel Pop! Vinyl Figure [Funko]


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Daredevil - Pop! Vinyl Figures

Underground Toys who are the European distributor of POP! will be releasing these Daredevils in June. The Red one will be widely available through all European retailers. The Yellow one is an exclusive for Forbidden Planet International.

reddare.jpg yellowdare.jpg

You can order both right now at Forbidden Planet International at the links below:


Both will be available later in the year but it’s expected that that Red Daredevil will be from Hot Topic while the Yellow available at Target.


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Apr 6, 2012
New Jersey
So from what I read today on popvinyls.com is that these are also going to be available in the US. The Red Daredevil will be available from Hot Topic and the Yellow will be from Target. :D
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