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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA

Darksiders is an action-adventure video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The game takes its inspiration from the apocalypse and battle of Armageddon described in the Book of Revelation, with the player taking the role of "War", one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The game was released for Playstation 3 on January 5, 2010 in North America and January 8 in Europe.


The player takes on the role of War, one of the four legendary Horsemen of the apocalypse; the apocalypse has just taken place prematurely, and the world destroyed, and War finds himself tasked to find out who was behind this; caught in a battle between angels and demons, he has lost much of his power, and must find out where the other horsemen are, and who misled them into starting the final battle.

In Darksiders, Heaven and Hell are at odds and war with one another constantly. To preserve the balance; a mediator group, The Charred Council, sends their chosen warriors, The Four Horsemen, to kill Heaven and Hell's hordes until a truce is formed between the two rivaling kingdoms. Eons after the truce, a third kingdom is formed, the race of man. The Charred Council foresees that man will be a major factor in the role of Heaven and Hell. As such, a final war between Man, Heaven and Hell would be decided during a specific time: once the Seven Sacred Seals have been broken.

During the present time, Armageddon begins on earth. Fire, with feuding angels and demons inside, fill the sky and land on earth destroying buildings and humans in their wake. During all the chaos, War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, lands on earth to bring order to the final battle at hand. While he fights both angels and demons, he begins to lose his powers. Upon his confrontation with Abaddon, the general of Heaven's army, he discovers that the other Horsemen have not arrived and the Seventh Seal had not been opened.

Straga, one of the Destroyer's Chosen, arises from the ground and kills Abbadon in front of War and Uriel, Abbadon's second in command. In retaliation, War battles Straga, but in his weakened state, he is killed. Upon his death, he is sent to The Charred Council and discovers that he is blamed for bringing the Apocalypse early. The Council sentences him to death but War pleads to be sent back to earth and find the one responsible for bringing on the Final Battle early. The Council agrees but on the condition that he is shackled to one of their keepers, The Watcher, who has the power to kill War in case he strays away from his mission.

Upon returning to earth, War discovers that he has been gone about 100 years and that all of the humans have died or become zombies with Hell winning the final Battle.


Gameplay; War shoots at demons with his pistol, Mercy, as he rides atop his steed, Ruin.

Darksiders is primarily a combat action game, with weapons such as giant swords and miniguns available. War also regains his powers throughout the game, and has his own mount, a horse called Ruin.

The powers and horse which War must regain play an important role in the game as they enable him to access areas of the world which would otherwise be closed to him. A wrath meter similar to the musou gauge in the Dynasty Warriors series fills up as War fights and gives access to powered-up and special moves.

Action takes place both underground where puzzles play a large role, and above ground in which free roaming is allowed. A demo of the game was shown at Comic-Con 2009.

Although early impressions have led journalists to compare the game to God of War and Devil May Cry due to its strong combination of combo based sword combat and guns, designer Joe Madureira has likened it to The Legend of Zelda series.
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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
This game was pretty fun. It's in the vein of GOW but a little more clunky; the graphics were awesome though! It was cool though. It's weird to be fighting demons with a sword with SUVs chilling all around you. lol...

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Apr 27, 2009
it was but, like I said, it's a bit clunky... check out the demo first... GOW and Dante's Inferno are going to blow your mind.
thank god there gonna have a demo these days it's like now demo's are almost extinct. but i like the look of the game .
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
No DLC For Darksiders Say Vigil

Vigil Games' creative boss man and ex-comic book artist Joe Madureira has confirmed that there will be no downloadable content for Darksiders.

Chatting with Eurogamer, Madureira also stated that multiplayer failed to make the cut due to the challenges of developing a new IP with a new team.

"Vigil has a very strong all-or-nothing mentality, and if we're not confident we can pull it off, we're not doing it. So we focused on making the most kick-ass single-player game possible," he revealed in a live interview on the site.

Madureira went on to explain the game's focus on narrative, saying, "Until recently there wasn't that much emphasis on game stories. It's not what sells a game - it's all about the gameplay. Comics still produce fantastic stories, it's still one of the purest visual storytelling mediums, which is why it still makes such an impact.

"The sad fact is, most game stories stink."

Too true.

Buzz surrounding Darksiders has been mostly positive so far, the brutal action and compelling story winning the game numerous plaudits.

The game's out this Friday in Europe.
May 14, 2009
Richmond, VA
I'm usually not that big into button mashers or classic beat-em-up's but I picked this game up last weekend and it's pretty good! All of the artwork was done by a comic book guy and the characters look great. The story line isnt bad either. I'm really enjoying it so far.