Dawn of the Dead (1978) (4K and Blu-ray Standard Editions) (Second Sight) [UK]

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Release date: March 22, 2021
Purchase links: Second Sight 4K - BD - Amazon UK 4K - BD - Zavvi 4K - BD - HMV 4K - BD - Zoom UK 4K - BD
Price: £29.99 (4K) (Second Sight - Amazon - Zavvi - HMV - Zoom) - £24.99 (BD) (Second Sight) - £29.99 (BD) (Zoom) - 26.99 (BD) (Amazon - Zavvi - HMV)
Notes: Rigid slipcase and 4 tray digipack - Second Sight Website Store UK Shipping only

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Nov 26, 2017
have you received yours yet? Mine took awhile to turn up and that’s within the UK.
I don’t think these were sent out when Zavvi marked them as dispatched, I had later orders turn up quite some time before this did.

Nope, or maybe yes. Something from UK has arrived to (my local) post office. My dear missus is going to pick it up as she goes to shopping. So we will know later today. Stay tuned. :coffee: