Dawn of the Dead (1978) (4K & Blu-ray) Limited Edition Box Sets (Second Sight) [UK]


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Release date: October 26, 2020
Purchase links: Second Sight 4K - BD - Amazon UK 4K - BD - Zavvi 4K - BD - HMV 4K - BD (Pre-order date Tuesday May 26th at 12PM Midday UK time)
Price: £79.99 (4K) (Second Sight - Zavvi) - £69.99 (BD) (Second Sight - Zavvi) - £74.99 (4K) (Amazon - HMV ) - £64.99 (BD) (Amazon - HMV)
Notes: 4K Box Set and Blu-ray Box Set - Second Sight Website will be UK shipping only
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Oct 18, 2016
I’m thinking the blu ray has got to be £30 at least - Their single disc blu ray limited editions ( house that dripped blood, asylum, and upcoming x-ray eyes, etc) all were/are around £23+. Dawn of the dead is iconic - add in all 3 versions with all kinds of supplement material, and i would be VERY surprised if was under £30. The 4k set......more! Personally, i think i will be getting both blu ray and 4k sets - i don’t collect anywhere near as much as i used to, so i can splurge on biggies like this every now and then. Same goes for “Martin.”
Message to Second Sight: Original “Day of the Dead” in remastered blu ray and 4k........PLEEEAAASE!
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Jun 7, 2015
Buzzing for this and really not arsed about pricing this is a must have and will be the best release of the year unless a Halloween 4k collection drops