DC Universe Uber Collection (Blu-ray + Graphic Novel Collector's Edition) [USA]


Est. 2011
Dec 5, 2011
Thunder Bay
RELEASE DATE: Nov. 03, 2015
PRICE: $144.99
ORDER: Amazon.com

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The World's Greatest Superheroes are here with this slipcase edition of DC Entertainment's Blu-Ray/Graphic Novel combo packs. This new collection features both the Blu-Ray/DVD films JUSTICE LEAGUE WAR, BATMAN: YEAR ONE, SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY, BATMAN: GOTHAM KNIGHT, WONDER WOMAN: GODS & MORTALS and JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS and the groundbreaking graphic novels that influenced them. These six one-of-a-kind combo packs are packaged together in a exclusive slipcase.
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They look great. Does anyone have a link to the set on Amazon? Also, does anyone know why the stated group price is a lot more than buying them on there own? They're about $15 each on Amazon, which is roughly $90 for the six. A bit different to the $145 stated in the first post. Thanks.
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