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The Minion Ninja
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Sep 6, 2012

I need space on the shelf, so I want to sell some of my Steelbooks. The Steels are without visible dents or scratches.
You can pay with PayPal as "Goods". (please add 4,5% PayPal-Fee) or if you want as "Friends"
I will send in a box with a lot of bubblewrap.

As reference my eBay-Account: 19hatori77 auf eBay

Shipping costs

Germany: 5,99 Euro (insured shipping 500,-)

EU: 9,89 Euro (Standardshipping)
12, 09 Euro (insured shipping 50,-)
15,09 Euro (insured shipping 500,-)

Canada: 16,89 Euro (Standardshipping)
20,09 Euro (insured shipping 50,-)

If you have a question don't be shy and send a PM.

Filmarena/Black Barons

- Spiderman Homecoming Edition 1 sold
- Skyscraper (sealed) sold
- Equalizer 2 Lenti Edition 2 (sealed) sold
- Deadpool 2 Edition 5B (sealed) 35,- Euro
- War For The Planet Of The Apes 1/4-Slip (sealed) 25,- Euro


- Bumblebee Lenti B (sealed) sold
- Gladiator 1/4-Slip (sealed) sold
- The Mummy (open) sold


- John Wick 1 Fullslip (sealed) sold

Weet Collection

- Spiderman Far From Home Fullslip A3 (sealed) sold
- Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Fullslip A2 (sealed) sold

Manta Lab

- Dunkirk Single-Lenti (sealed) sold
- Fantastic Beasts 1/4-Slip (sealed) sold


- Deadpool 2 Fullslip (sealed) 50,- Euro
- Real Steel (sealed with coin) 30,- Euro
- Elite Squad (open but steelbook sealed) 25,- Euro
- G.I. Joe 2 (sealed) sold


- Batman Begins + The Dark Knight (white); both editions are open and have small dings on the backside and bottom sold
- Venom (sealed) sold
- Spiderman Far From Home (sealed) sold
- Rush (sealed) sold
- 2 Guns (sealed) 25,- Euro
- Ted (sealed) 20,- Euro


Cars 2 (sealed) 20,- Euro
Tora Tora Tora Korea (sealed) 15,- Euro

Hong Kong

Captain America The Winter Soldier (sealed) sold

Future Shop/Best Buy

Django Unchained (sealed) 15,- Euro
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