[DE] Lutzo's trade thread

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Sep 23, 2011
I'm mostly looking to trade right now, but would also consider selling for realistic prices. Below is what I have (Pictures only show part of "stock"). If you are interested in anything and have some random stuff (only sealed Steelbooks or Criterion Collection Blurays) for trade, just give me a shout. My wants are not limited to the list below, but I'm getting closer to replacing my final open Steelbooks with sealed/mint ones (please don't offer any open items, I'm 100% only looking for sealed copies!!!).






2046 (NovaMedia 1/4 Slip, lim.300, still sealed)
2046 (NovaMedia FllSlip Slip, lim. num.1200, still sealed)
A Brighter Summer Day (NovaMedia, 1/4 Slip, lim.num.500, still sealed)
A Brighter Summer Day (NovaMedia, Full Slip A, lim.num.900, still sealed)
A most wanted man (Plain Archive, lim.900, Type B FullSlip, still sealed)
As tears go by (NovaMedia, Lenticular, lim.1500, still sealed)
Days of being wild (NovaMedia, Lenticular FullSlip, still sealed)
Days of being wild (NovaMedia, 1/4 slip, still sealed)
Dredd 3D/2D (NovaMedia, Lenticular, lim.num.1500, still sealed)
Dune 4K/3D/2D (Mantalab, FullSlip, still sealed)
Her (MantaLab, Full Slip, still sealed)
Her (MantaLab, Double Lenticular Slip, still sealed)
Kick Ass (NovaMedia, Full Slip, lim.num.1200, still sealed)
Once (Nova Media, 1/4 Slip, lim.num.300, still sealed)
The Last Duel (SM Life, still sealed)


It's a wonderful life 4K (US, still sealed)
Rawhead Rex (US, lim.4000, still sealed)
Scarface (US, incl. artcards, open/mint)


10.000 BC (DE, still sealed)
Dawn of the Dead 4K (DE, 4 Discs, still sealed)
District 9 (DE, still sealed)
Dune 1984 4K (DE, still sealed)
Evil Dead 2 4K (DE. still sealed)
Foxcatcher (DE, Müller exclusive, still sealed)
Men 4K (DE, still sealed)
Once upon a time in Hollywood 4K (DE, still sealed)
Possessor 4K/2D (DE, lim.2500, still sealed)
The Green Mile (DE, 1st Edition, still sealed)
The Sadness 4K (DE, incl. EN subtitles, still sealed)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4K (DE, Slipcover D, still sealed)
Vertigo (DE, WWA red cover, still sealed)


Alien Anthology (UK, play.com exclusive, open/mint)
American Werewolf in London Slipcover (UK, Arrow, lim.1500, still sealed)
Audition (UK, Arrow, incl. booklet, open/mint)
Concussion (UK, open/mint)
Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (UK, zavvi exclusive, lim.2000, still sealed)
Ferris Bueller's Day off (UK, zavvi exclusive, embossed 1st Edition slipcover, lim.2000, still sealed)
Hellboy (UK, Project Popart, lim.500, still sealed)
Hellraiser Trilogy (UK, Arrow, open/mint)
High Rise (UK, zavvi exclusive, lim.2000, still sealed)
L.A. Confidential (UK, zavvi exclusive, incl. artcards, still sealed)
Last King of Scotland (UK, zavvi exclusive,still sealed)
Legend (UK, embossed, still sealed)
Luther Season 1 (UK, lim.2000, still sealed)
Macbeth (UK, still sealed)
Maniac Cop (UK, lim.2000, Arrow, open/mint)
Mulholland Drive (UK, zavvi exclusive, lim.2000, still sealed)
Phenomena (UK, Arrow, tiny fingernail dent on front, otherwise open/mint)
Red Sparrow 4K (UK, still sealed)
RoboCop (UK, Arrow, still sealed)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (UK, 1st Edition, still sealed)
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (UK, play.com, debossed title, still sealed)
Tenebrae (UK, lim.2000, Arrow, open/mint)
The Beyond (UK, Arrow, open/mint)
The Cabin in the woods 4K + 2D (UK, 2018 edition, still sealed)
The Full Monty (UK, debossed, still sealed)
The Girl in the Spider's Web 4K (UK, zavvi, still sealed)
The Mist (UK, zavvi exclusive, lim.2000, incl. b/w version, open/mint)
The Raid (UK, lim.4000, debossed, play.com, tiny dent on front, otherwise open/mint)
The Raid 2 (UK, lim.4000, debossed, Entertainment Store exclusive, open/mint)
The Sixth Sense (UK, zavvi exclusive, embossed, lim.4000, still sealed)
The Third Man (UK, lim.2000, zavvi exclusive, still sealed)
The Voices (UK, Arrow, still sealed)
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (UK, still sealed)
Under the Skin (UK, lim.2000, open/mint)
Warrior (UK, lim.4000, still sealed)
We are X (UK, Mondo in slipcover, still sealed)
Weird Science (UK, Arrow Video, still sealed)
Zombie Flesh Eaters (UK, Arrow, open/mint)


1917 4k (FR, FNAC exclusive, debossed, still sealed)
Cube (FR, still sealed)
Dark City (FR, still sealed)
Dune 2021 (FR, orange edition, still sealed)
Dune 2021 Box Set (FR, FNAC, incl. Steelbook, CD, book, still sealed)
Friday the 13th (FR, still sealed)
Invictus (FR, FNAC exclusive, open/mint)
IT 1+2 4K (FR, 2x 4K/Bluray Steelbook Box set, still sealed)
Tenet 4K (FR, still sealed)
The Dark Knight / Batman Begins (FR, embossed, still sealed)
Three Days of the Condor 4K (FR, embossed, still sealed)
Watchmen - The ultimate Cut 4K (FR, incl. booklet, still sealed)
World War Z 3D (FR, 3-Disc Edition, embossed, still sealed)
Zodiac (FR, still sealed)


Django Unchained (IT, DVD-store exclusive, lim.num.1000, embossed, open/mint with German Bluray)
Fight Club (IT or ES, the pink one, open/mint)
Get Out (IT, open/mint)
Sicario 2 - Soldado (IT, transparent slipcover, still sealed)
The Exorcist Mondo (IT, still sealed)
The Grey (IT, still sealed)
The Interpreter (IT, open/mint)


Cosmopolis METAL PAK (Japan, lim.4000, still sealed)


Batman Begins (CH, Blufans, Double Lenticular, lim.1050, still sealed)


As above so below (TW, CX Media, Slipcover, lim.500, still sealed)


Boyhood (CA, Mondo Edition, slipcover, FutureShop, still sealed)
Public Enemies (CA, FutureShop Exclusive, still sealed)
The Exorcist (CA, Alliance Wave 2011, still sealed)
The Ring (CA, open mint with tiny paint chips)

I'm mostly interested in trades for the items below, but also new Asian Steelbooks, just offer whatever you have, but SEALED/MINT only:
Day of the Dead (UK, Arrow)
Eastern Promises (CA)
Phenomena (US, Synapse/HDN Quiltface Edition)
The Beyond (UK, Arrow)
The Conjuring (Zavvi, embossed)
The Handmaiden (Plain Archive, Fullslip A)
The Hateful Eight (KimchiDVD Fullslip B)
The Wailing (FullSlip B)
Zombie Flesh Eaters (UK, Arrow)
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Sep 23, 2011
Updated thread after selling tons on eBay and trading Neon Demon/I saw the Devil to a fellow ninja. Pictures updated with new arrival "Dune" Mantalab
Sep 23, 2011
Invasion of the body snatchers, Good Will Hunting, Sixth Sense (all open) sold on ebay, added some stuff and deleted some itens from the wantlist