Deadpool 2 (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Amazon Exclusive) [Germany]

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Dec 13, 2018
Release date: October 2, 2019
Purchase link: Amazon DE
Price: €59.99
Note: Listing describes this as a 4K Slipsheet (?) Vintage Edition, limited to 666 units. 2 cuts.


List of extras, again sourced online
  • Theatrical version (running time: approx. 120 minutes)
  • Discontinued / Extended scenes
  • Fun on the set
  • Deadpool's Family Values - The Crazy Characters
  • David Leitch, Not Lynch! - The director of DP2
  • Deadpool's lips are locked - secrets and easter eggs
  • Until the Kauleist wobbles - alternative sayings and scenes
  • Fratzengeballer - action and stunts
  • The Deadpool Prison Experiment
  • The most important X-Force member
  • Chess with Omega Red
  • Muscular and sexy
  • "3-minute monologue"
  • Audio commentary by Ryan Reynolds, David Leitch, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick
  • Deadpool's bulging bag full of fun 2
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Jun 4, 2013
Oh man, when the hell is someone going to do that art on a steel instead of a slip or box for the 10th time.



Jul 8, 2016
artwork updated, doesnt look like shite like predator, so ppl might be interested in this... steel looks a lot like mantas? thought that was WEA?
France and Japan are also releasing the same steelbook as Manta, so it's no longer a Manta exclusive. It's unclear if these steels will have the same gloss finish as Manta's.
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Jul 8, 2016
It's nice to know that my full gloss Manta steelbook will be a bit nicer than the new ones with spot gloss finish.