Mondo DEADPOOL 2 by Justin Harder


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Aug 29, 2011
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This week should be pretty marvelous for any true believers. Got that? It’s Marvel. We have Marvel posters this week. Ones we’re pretty excited about, too. First up is a pair of posters for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER by Mark Brooks. Mark is an excellent artist known for his beautiful cover work, and it’s awesome to see his work translated into silkscreen posters. These will be available as a regular edition, as well as a more patriotic variant edition, naturally.

Next up we have a new poster for DEADPOOL 2 by artist Justin Harder (aka CLAUS Studios). Justin is a fantastic artist and graphic designer. His work is bold and often super funny, as evident in his work on the end credit sequence of the first Deadpool film, where this recklessly cute lil ’Pool was first gifted to the world. We worked on a poster together for the first film in 2021, and we’re happy to finally celebrate its bonkers sequel. Peter approved.

These posters will be available on Thursday, January 27 at 11AM CT on The Drop at


DEADPOOL 2 Screenprinted Poster. Art by Justin Harder. Printed by Lady Lazarus. 36" x 24". Edition of 250. Expected to ship to Select Locations in April 2022. $50
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