Film Arena [DEPOSIT/CLOSED] FAST 1-7 BOX + F8 E2 (FilmArena Exclusive FAC) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]


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Oct 22, 2011
Czech Republic
carllenc submitted a new group buy:

[DEPOSIT] FAST 1-7 BOX + F8 E2 (FilmArena Exclusive FAC) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE] - Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive of FAST 1-7 + 8E2

Release thread: FAST 1-7

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Price for this edition is a deposit and the rest will be invoiced closer to release date. Please keep that in mind when entering GB, thank you.

Price: 7700 CZK
Paypal Fee: 6% - 462 CZK
HDN GB Fee: 7,5% - 612 CZK
Total: 8774 CZK

Deposit: 4000 CZK ...

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Jun 28, 2011
Hey guys,

Just a quick confirmation about F6 fullslips: Karel has picked all replacement fullslip copies and he will be adding them to your upcoming packages.

Thank you