Der Unsichtbare (Limited Edition) (Blu-ray) [Germany]


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Apr 12, 2009
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Limited to 2500

76 page booklet


Translated description:

1933 created "Frankenstein" director James Whale for Universal Studios for a template of HG Wells another monster and great classics of Horrofilmgeschichte with groundbreaking for its time special effects: "The Invisible Man". In the '40s he produced four other films: "The Invisible Man Returns," "The Invisible Woman", "The Invisible Agent" and "The Invisible Man takes revenge". 1951 followed the parody "The Invisible Man Abbott & Costello meet". For the first time are now all six films of the classic movie series in German language available on DVD (four of them on Blu-ray). This limited edition exclusively includes also the 76-page book "Shadows of invisible" about the history of the movies and her legacy with many pictures and classic artwork.