Disney Plus


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Jan 4, 2012
Anybody else remember a TV series from early 2000 called My Friends Tigger And Pooh? Where they were 'Super Sleuths' and used to solve cases.

I only ask because my first born used to watch it every day and the theme tune is burned into my brain forever!! :p

Anyway, when it ended it was never repeated anywhere. And it's not available on this Disney+ either.

I guess I just want to hear that theme tune one last time!! :D


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Nov 9, 2018
Gotta say, I absolutely love this Disney plus service :happy: :thumbs:

Had this for a few days now and don't think we have been off it since. So many great things on here and most that I haven't watched before and now just starting to get into :happy: Agents of shield, Agent Carter, Inhumans and the Mandalorian just to name a few.

Apart from Endgame, I hadn't watched a Marvel film for ages. This really has brought my love back for these films :LOL: Damn they have been on back to back:spoil:

If anything this has made my families time during this situation that little bit better :happy: and all for £5.99 a month:notworthy::thumbs: