Django Lives! (2016)


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Jan 8, 2012
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The original Django, Franco Nero, returns!!


So they’re making a third DJANGO with Franco Nero as the title character, even though he’s in his mid-70s. Okay. Not entirely unbelievable. DJANGO UNCHAINED was a pretty big international hit, and (aside from featuring Nero himself) undoubtedly spurred interest in the original Sergio Corbucci film and maybe even 1987’s DJANGO 2. Getting cult figure Nero back on a horse for a third go-around as the mournful, coffin-dragging character is maybe not the most ridiculous thing in the world.

John Sayles writing the script, however, just might be.

Sure enough, he’s been hired to pen DJANGO LIVES! for Fast Draw Films, built around Nero as the title character. There’s no director yet, which I suppose leaves the chair open for Sayles himself if he’s viable/has interest.

Needless to say, Sayles knows his way both around a script and a western setting. He started out doing Corman scripts like PIRANHA, THE LADY IN RED, and BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS before focusing more and more on his own directorial projects, including EIGHT MEN OUT, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET, and the modern classic LONE STAR, which netted him an Oscar nom for Best Original Screenplay. Aside from (interestingly enough) THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, Sayles hasn’t written a feature he hasn’t directed since the ’94 Dolph Lundgren vehicle MEN OF WAR, which was based on an script he wrote a decade prior (though he’s done uncredited passes on a couple of projects, and has written an upcoming TV movie called DR. DEL for director Katie Jacobs). I genuinely couldn't tell ya how they got him for this gig.

I’m a much, much bigger fan of Sayles’ work as a writer/director than his for-hire writing gigs (with the exception of THE HOWLING), so as excited I am that a writer of such a caliber is penning a follow-up to the classic Sergio Corbucci spaghetti western, I would be triply or quadruply so if he decided to helm it himself. A LONE STAR-style meditative take on an aging western hero played by Franco Nero? How does that not sound like freaking amazingess for your ears and eyeballs?
But most likely, Sayles will just take the money and deliver his draft, leaving whatever he’s produced for someone else to grab onto and take into the mountains of Spain. Nonetheless, the story for DJANGO LIVES! actually has potential to be even more heartbreaking and merciless than the original Corbucci jam, and that alone might make it worth seeing (presuming it gets made).

If not Sayles, which modern director would you love to see jump into the Spaghetti Western game with one of the biggest stars of the genre as an older, wiser Django?

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First the new Star Wars trailer and then this!
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Sep 10, 2014
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Maybe he survived being blown up by John McClane in DIE HARD 2 and returned to the Republic of Val Verde, where he is dragging that coffin around, with McClane hot on his heels....
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