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Apr 12, 2009

Hello Ninjas,

If you would like to support Ninja Week, future projects, new feature development, contests and more, consider making a small donation here!

Thanks for your support!
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Hello new and returning ninjas!

We are very happy to share a brand new set of avatars for 2018 Ninja Week prize hosts. It's only fitting that we also thank our past hosts again for their enormous generosity in giving prizes away during our annual NINJA WEEK event!

If you are joining the celebration as a prize host this year, download your avatars here. Regular avatars are also available.

a1.png b.png d.png e.png g.png h.png i.png j.png k.png

Previous frequent Ninja Week Prize Host Team:
Thank you!!!

@Alistair G
@Buffalo MX
@Geek Tragedy
@jaws finatic
@KD Scorp
@Naughtius Maximus
@Obi Wan Dandobi
@Scary Hair



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Hello Members!

NINJA WEEK IS 7 days away!

Every year, 100's of members post their own giveaways to give back to the HDN community and join in the fun of Ninja Week each year.

Please post your giveaway anytime Feb 19-25, and close all giveaways by 10pm EST on Feb 25, so that we can conclude the event on time. Download special 2018 "Prize Host" avatars here.

If you have any questions, please contact me anytime via pm, and I'll be happy to help you.

Enjoy the event all!

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Hello all new and returning Ninjas!​

Since 2009, we have been bringing collectors together. Many HDN members have worked to provide 1000's of editions from retailers that don't ship to other countries or wish to sell their items in a more streamlined manner.

The Group Buy Marketplace allows you to purchase editions from around the world to grow your collections, and obtain unique editions not available in your region.

Check it out here:

Steelbook Group Buys

Other Group Buys

Thanks for your support!
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