Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (2-Disc Blu-Ray Limited Edition) (Japan)


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Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (or: Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatso no 'F') get's a limited edition-treatment in Japan.

1. Standard edition

Purchase Link: Amazon.co.jp
Price: ¥ 7,032 (~57$ / 51€)
Release Date: 07.10.2015

2. Amazon.co.jp-exclusive with poster (sample pic below)

Purchase Link: Amazon.co.jp
Price: ¥ 9,504
Release Date: 07.10.2015



- 1x Blu-Ray-Disc with the movie
- 1x DVD-Disc with bonus content
- Special Digipak case with "outer packaging" (slipcover?)
- Golden Frieza alarm clock (with Frieza alarm sound)
- Booklet with picture collection (16 pages)

Amazon.co.jp-exclusive Poster (sample):
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