Duel (1971) (4K Blu-ray SteelBook) (Collector's Edition) [UK]

Lenny Nero

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Oct 1, 2013
Release date: November 13, 2023
Purchase links: Amazon UK - Zavvi - HMV - WB Shop UK
Price: £39.99



  • 4K Gloss Steelbook
  • Motion Lenticular Slipcase
  • Road Map Storyboard Booklet
  • 6x Lobby cards
  • Double-Sided Poster
  • Also includes original TV Movie version of Duel in 1.33:1 Aspect Ratio (HD)
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I guess another 1000 copies for Italy again.
Too bad the booklet is wasted on storyboards, never liked having them.
Oh, and they're making Lenticular slipcases now! Looks like 'premium' labels had an influence... or children's candy boxes, not sure which. :naughty:
How popular are these going to be, is this a new trend of limited 3000 editions, seen a few pop up now and
let's say in 1 year they decide to reissue it and print more.
How many will Zavvi get do you think? 750? I assume Amazon would get the most?
What's the difference?
It was originally a TV movie that was then extended into a theatrical release. I could be wrong, but I recall reading somewhere that Spielberg didn’t approve some of the edits and scenes inserted into the international theatrical release.

I grew up watching the theatrical version; it was shown a lot on Saturday afternoons. But I haven’t seen that version in a long time. I’m sure it’s on YouTube by now.
Got The hmv Japanese steelbook sleeve release on blu ray from a few years ago and the picture quality was spot on .. wonder if this will be better or just the same
Duel was originally a TV Movie 74 Minutes

was initially shown on American television as an installment of the ABC Movie of the Week

Following Duel successful broadcast on TV
Universal decided to release the film theatrically. At 74 minutes, however, it was not long enough

Universal had Spielberg spend two days filming several new scenes to expand it to 90 minutes.

A longer opening sequence was added with the car backing out of a garage and driving through the city. Additional scenes shot to lengthen the movie included Mann's telephone conversation with his wife, the encounter with the broken-down school bus, and the confrontation at the railroad crossing. Expletives were also added, to make the film sound less like a television production

Most will remember seeing the theatrical version as that's what previous DVD/ Blu-ray releases used

TV version was aspect ratio 1.33:1
Theatrical version was aspect ratio 1.85:1
Steelbook only? I'd like to add it to my collection but the price's a bit too steep...