Dumb People Who Drive (and the aftermath)

jaws finatic

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Mar 6, 2013
Downeast Maine
Okay, so I live in the Northeast and it was wicked cold for about 2 weeks. I mention this because when it rained all day it wiped out the snow salt on the roads. This meant that when it got back to freezing the roads would be touch and go.

I've lived here long enough to know when you have to drive in this scenario, you really truly take your time. Call me Mr. Cautious.

So there I am driving down the road on the way home managing the numerous hills and curves that are the streets of Maine when I see I'm getting closer tot he guy in front of me. Odd, I thought, since I'm only going 25 mph. As I get closer I realize he is stopped in the street at the bottom of a hill. Having already started to go even slower my tires were not my friend and continued to inch me closer to hitting this guy who is stopped in the middle of the road. I'm shouting out numerous things to no one in particular like "What the hell are you doing" "Move forward!!!" "Can't you see me coming, your in the middle of the street!!".

I quickly look behind me and at oncoming traffic and see it's just the two of us on the road. Even tho I know it is typically fruitless in these driving conditions I have no choice as i brace for impact, so I pump the breaks. This is when centrifugal force lent a hand and gave me the job of moving down the road sideways. Holding on for dear life I notice elschmucko finally decided to move forward, which if he'd done that sooner i wouldn't be experiencing a possible eternal age of aquarious. Suddenly my van slams sideways into a massive snow bank which catapults me back into the road. Next thing I know I'm back in my lane heading in the right direction! I see the scourge of my anger further up the road (Thanks for making sure I was alright after your stupid act of dumbness) and notice now that numerous vehicles are approaching behind me.

Thankful no one else was involved, I make my way up the road. I know 'my friend' and I are approaching the absolute worst part of this drive as the road has a huge downslope and equally steep climb. Fortunately right before the drop there is a side road I can take to get home. I'm also thinking that it will be a better drive as it probably wasn't cleaned off like the main road giving my tires something to grip instead of ice. As I make the turn I see the cause of my anxiety actually attempting to conquer that drop, and see his brake lights come on as he heads down the hill. I see in my rearview mirror a guy behind me stopping at the top of the hill and considering his options. The road I'm now on, to my happy joy, is covered with crusty snow and dirt, which is perfect for driving, and I make my way home.

The next morning I checked out my van and discovered the front right panel is ripped open, strangely looking very much life Bruce in JAWS with his mouth agape. Oh the irony. To my shock the rest of the van shows no signs of the snowy impact that shook my spine.

Feeling pretty lucky to be honest, and thankful my Lord was with me and saved me from a dumb person who drives, and the aftermath.
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Sep 19, 2012
Me too. I spend a lot of time on the roads late at night and I encounter dumb dangerous driving all the time so you have my deepest sympathies........ How clowns like that get on the roads is always a mystery to me....
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