Dunkirk - In theaters July 21st, 2017


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[CONTAINER][MOVIE1]Title: Dunkirk (2017)

Genre: [GENRE]Action[/GENRE], [GENRE]War[/GENRE], [GENRE]Thriller[/GENRE], [GENRE]History[/GENRE], [GENRE]Drama[/GENRE]

Director: [DIRECTOR]Christopher Nolan[/DIRECTOR]

Cast: [ACTOR]Kenneth Branagh[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Mark Rylance[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Tom Hardy[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Harry Styles[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Cillian Murphy[/ACTOR]

Plot: The story of the Dunkirk evacuation which took place at the beginning of World War II.[/MOVIE1][POSTER1]
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Dec 21, 2015
I'm always excited when there's another Nolan film coming, although I think some of his movies are better than others. Not a big fan of war movies, but I do love some like Saving Private Ryan or Imitation Game. I'm definitely curious about Dunkirk and can't wait to see it, but I'm a bit skeptic. Also don't know about Tom Hardy. Loved him in Warrior - he is a great actor for sure with good script choices, but I don't know... he seems to be all over the place in the last years.


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Jun 4, 2013
The Moon
Nice, was wondering what nolans next project would be.
Would love to see branagh in a Nolan film


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Sep 19, 2012
Funnily enough the 1958 film was on ITV4 today so it really does have a lot to live up to........ To date a film not available on blu-ray or maybe it'll a be 60th anniversary release