DVD Steelbook Definitive Editions

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Sep 20, 2013
Hi there, I'm relatively new to steelbook collecting, but I'm hooked like a fish on night crawlers.

what i wanted to know is how many dvd steelbook definitive editions are out there to collect. I have 25 so far and wanted to know if i have them all?

thanks in advance

Sep 20, 2013
Good question. i recall seeing a few of these. Not sure how many though. I still have a few myself (Need to dig through those boxes with my old DVD's. :)

I have tried googling for a full list but they always comes with less than what I already have.
Feb 20, 2013
Northern Ireland
There was 34 Definitive Edition Steelbooks released.
Rocky was produced aswell but not in a Steelbook.
I have the set myself and can throw up some pics if you need them.

20th FOX Releases

Alien 3
Alien Resurrection
Alien vs Predator
Planet of the Apes
Minority Report
The Day After Tomorrow
Independance Day
Kingdom of Heaven
Conan the Barbarian
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Master and Commander
Mr and Mrs Smith
Fight Club
The Siege
Moulin Rouge
From Hell

MGM Releases

The Silence of the Lambs
Raging Bull
Battle of Britain
The Great Escape
Sep 24, 2013
Sunderland uk
i had 17 of these but sold most of them, kinda wish i hadn't. ones i have left are alien, aliens, alien 3, alien resurrection. I also have AvP, Predator 2 and Ronin but the disc ones are missing :(. Might slap them up in the trade section if anyone might be interested in them


Zen Ninja - patience is my virtue.... mostly
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I've started grabbing these where I see them in decent price and condition - so far have AvP, Alien Resurrection and Planet of the Apes. Seen Mr & Mrs Smith a few times but as it's white, finding a decent copy isn't easy :D

The thrill of the hunt!


Zen Ninja - patience is my virtue.... mostly
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Time to resurrect this thread... I've resumed collecting these as I was missing perhaps the last 10-12 of them. Have X-Men and Terminator incoming, need to find the Predator ones also. I'm actually downgrading and parting with the blu-ray steels of some movies in favour of these gorgeous steels