E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - 40th Anniversary (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [USA]

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Jul 20, 2016
Release date: October 18, 2022
Purchase links: Target
Price: $24.99
Notes: Matte finish


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Jul 20, 2016
All Blu-rays, and all UHD discs have the original theatrical version.
I don't think the altered version is even available on BD, only old DVDs.

Like I said, I'm way behind on that news. I had the DVD, never watched it. I have the anniversary edition Blu-ray from 2012 sealed. Still haven't watched it obviously. I have a steelbook for it still sealed.

Saw it in the theatre a couple times back in '82.

The last time I watched it would have been on a VHS tape back when it was released.

Maybe again some day.
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Jun 8, 2020
I know this thread is about the steelbook release, but maybe this new hardcover book is also of interest for the E.T. fans here!

E.T.: the Extra Terrestrial: The Ultimate Visual History (Hardcover Book) by Caseen Gaines.

In case you haven´t seen the new book, I wanted to share my copy with you.
It´s a really nice and heavy edition with glossy hardcover and embossed capital letters E.T. on the front.

The book is out on August 30th.



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Jul 8, 2016
I got mine today. Might return it since I bought the deluxe edition from Zavvi. Or I might keep it so I don't have discs with ratings logos, but might be a waste of money.

Too bad it isn't glossy like the Blu-Ray steelbook that Target released a few years ago. I like that one more.
Apr 21, 2019
Wish I’d known about the Target version from a few years ago. That looks better than this. Think I’ll wait and see if there’s a premium. If not, next time i feel the need to watch ET, I’ll just get an AMRAY (possibly used)
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