EA in no hurry to offer full game downloads via consoles


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Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
With Microsoft’s Games on Demand service launching with the NXE update next Tuesday, full console game downloads will become a reality for the Xbox 360. And while the service will offer slightly older games and not new releases, it feels like we’re just a step away from downloading full games on the day of their retail releases. But, it’s a step the industry isn’t going to take quite yet.

Last week Microsoft’s Shane Kim said they’re not even talking about making full games available for download on day one, and it seems publishers aren’t in any particular rush either.

When asked if he foresees full console game downloads as part of their digital services initiatives during EA’s Q1 results call yesterday, EA Sports’ president Peter Moore made it clear it is not one of their priorities.

“Not right now,” Moore said, later adding, “We look going forward at downloads of games along the lines of arcade style games. You’ll recall last year we did NHL 3-versus-3 and we are going to have a version of Madden available this year as well for a download. But certainly not a full game.”

EA does have a number of titles beefing up the launch line-up of Games on Demand next week — Burnout Paradise, Fight Night Round 3, Need for Speed Carbon and Need for Speed: Most Wanted — and we’re sure they’ll be putting other games up there as time passes as well. But when it comes to new releases, “Obviously this is a decision that is primarily gated by the platform holders but we’re not building that into our plans for this fiscal year at least.”

source: thatvideogameblog.com/2009/08/05/ea-in-no-hurry-to-offer-full-game-downloads-via-consoles/