Edge of Tomorrow (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

Mar 3, 2020
Release date: July 5, 2022
Purchase link: Best Buy
Price: $31.99
Group buy: hosted by apsmith21

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Between the muted color palette and the streaky matte finish, they really couldn't have done this release any dirtier. Just dull as dishwater.

Warner Bros. strikes again! :facepalm:
Probably looks better than the Target blu ray steel, which also had muted colors and I is what I'd call matte. I'll probably grab it and hope that a good premium comes out down the line.
I’m not sure if there’s a better place to ask, so here goes: are there any upcoming WEA releases for this? I saw a group buy for HDZETA someplace, but I think it’s close to 2x what HDZETA would sell it for (if HDZETA actually did a direct sale, and who knows when they’d actually release it).
Thanks and if there’s a better forum for this, point me to it.
Nothing is on "horizon", so as far as WEA for this steelbook is concerned that is your only option if you wanna go for WEA. There was/is one other option from one other retailer but that is magnetic case - not sure how it looks in live.
So either you go searching on ebay and/or anywhere else on internet - ppl actually sell steelbooks from WEA releases and you should come across one, or you can find someone who makes custom steelbook magnets and solve it cheaper way :).
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Hmm…must’ve changed…yesterday it said unavailable on all 3. The question is do i want this or am I happy with the UHD Club Wooden box release (whenever it finally ships). Decisions decisions.

And thanks for letting me know it’s available again.
It's a crap steel. I really wouldn't bother.
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I think some of the washed out look is just to play on with the metal like of the movie. Seems to be a thing with robotic type stuff of movies , you get matte a lot and more metal themed if that any sense. Kinda how chappie was.

Anyways this is matte, it might a reprint as im not really seeing the streaky matte tho. All the copies I had didnt appear that a best buy sticker was taken off so I presume reprint so perhaps slightly better finish than the original. *shrug*