Thu-Day 4 [ENDED] David's Giveaway series #50 - Cinderella + Brave VMBs (CA)

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Naughtius Maximus

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Oct 30, 2011
Hello members, and thanks for reading about my giveaway!

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Naughtius Maximus

Ninja week: Feb 25 - Feb 28

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How do i win this?!

Q: What's the challenge?
A: State which film you'd like to win and tell us your what Disney / Pixar film has the biggest connection to your childhood and why?!

CONTEST TERMS and other Info:
One post/entry per person. You may enter for both items in one post. The winner is responsible for paying for his/her own shipping. I will contact winner(s) with info.

MULTIPLE WINS? No problem, I will combine all your winnings into one package at a combined shipping cost.

Good luck everyone!

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Great giveaway David. Would love to win Brave.
I would have to go with the Rescuers. I had the story cassette when I was a kid and heard it a thousand times.
Stuck with me forever.
I'd like Brave
Thanks @NaughtiusMaximus @OP
I remember watching Aladdin at the movie theater in front of South Coast Plaza on the corner of MacArthur & Bristol St.:chill pill:
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I'd love to win Cinderella

Lion King as I've seen at least 3 times in the cinema when I was a kid

Thanks for the giveaway!

And my all-time favorite is Aladdin...I watched it on repeat (rewind) when I was a kid...Robin Williams as the had heart, soul, character!
I'd love to win Cinderella. That film holds great childhood memories for me as I used to watch it on repeat as a young boy.

Thanks for the great giveaway.
I'd pick cinderella
And movie was lion king it was always on when i was a kid is watch it everyday probably because I loved lions as a boy still a fave film of mine to this day

I allways love Lion King. Soundtrack is amazing.

Thanks for the giveaway!
I'd like to win Cinderella.

Robin Hood. Teaches you some decent morals, I still love it! Had it on VHS, DVD now BD :)
I'd love to win Cinderella.
Aladdin has the biggest connection to my childhood.
The first time i watched this movie i was 6 years old and received
my first kiss from a girl.

Thanks for the giveaway!
thank you for the giveawayy! :) I'm Interested in Brave.

my biggest connection is prolly to the lion king because it came in cinemas when i was young and it changed everything about how i saw life :)
I'd like to win Cinderella
The biggest connection in my childhood has Lion King, because i watch it SO many times :drool:

Thanks for great giveaway:thumbs:
Hello thanks for the giveaway - id like Brave

biggest connection to what my childhood could have been like would be Brave, as im Scottish but not Ginger

The disney film that reminds me of my childhood is the little mermaid
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