Enter the Ninja - Steelbook Scavenger Hunt (Win an Inception DE steelbook!)

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That's right, the contests keep coming here on HIDEFNINJA.

This contest is a little more involved and includes a SCAVENGER HUNT that has questions about NINJA ASSASSIN and the NINJA ASSASSIN GERMAN steelbook.

DO NOT post your answers in this THREAD.

Answer ANY 5 questions (2 from the "hard section", 3 from the "easy") and PM ME your answers.

DEADLINE for all answer SUBMISSIONS is MONDAY February 7th at NOON EST.


What do you WIN?

Two winners will be chosen at random from all participants that submit 5 correct answers.

An INCEPTION GERMANY steelbook. Both appear to be in mint condition and are sealed, but may have a loose disc in the case.

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"HARD" Questions (choose 2)

1) What is Rain's REAL name (not his stage name)?
2) Who is the stunt man that has a fight scene with Rain in the apartment?
3) From one of the special features in the film - what are the stunt men said to be experts in? Name 1 of 3 disciplines.
4) Name the first two movies that the actor that plays the head of the ninja clan first appeared in.

"EASY" Questions (choose 3) :scat:

1) What is the name of the main ninja clan in the movie?
2) What is the UPC Number on the back of the steelbook?
3) Does the steelbook have inside artwork? If so, what is it?
4) Name the zombie movie that the lead actress also starred in.
5) What other Warner steelbooks is the Ninja Assassin steelbook most like in terms of design? (think trilogy)
6) Which famous "brothers" are listed as producers on this film?

REMEMBER, PM answers to apsmith21
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