Evil Dead 2 (Blu-ray Slipcover) (Plain Edition) [Korea]


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Dec 5, 2011
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RELEASE DATE: Aug. 13, 2015
PRICE: $19.99 (Nova) | $23.99 (Kimchi)

Not Plain Archive. 'Plain Edition' is what Korea refers to as their second, more-plain prints.
Yeah, apparently Green Nare Media are the ones who did the Evil Dead 1 & 2 red package with the chainsaw cover.. I have that one- it's cool. I see no need to dip again on these. Although I do like the classic covers.
I prefer these plain releases to the digipack. I'd rather have 2 spines on my shelf than one...and I'm not a fan of digipacks. I wish we knew what the artwork for the keep case is. Also, buying both of these separately is cheaper than the digipack, which is strange.
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(Sorry for raising the old thread back to life.)

Great, so they put AoD Ash all over this package, too.

Excuse me, why they put Army of Darkness pose in Evil Dead 2?

Many people get confused, but that IS the actual Evil Dead II artwork:


It was Scream Factory who made a mistake with their commissioned art for AoD.

I was interested in purchasing these two plain editions, but I see now, the cover (inner one, not the slip) says "The Evil Dead II," instead of just "Evil Dead II."

And the first film has "Evil Dead" on the slip, instead of "The Evil Dead." Sigh. :sorry:
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