Experience ordering pre-orders on eBay

Jun 4, 2018
Hey everyone. I wanted to ask what the general experience was when ordering premium steelbook pre-orders off of sites like eBay. I missed out on the Infinity War group buy and was considering purchasing one of the many pre-orders of the lenticular steelbook listed on the site. Are these transactions generally reliable or are they risky? The prices don’t seem too much higher than retail, at least as of right now. Anyways, if any of you have ever purchased one of these pre-orders I would love to hear about how it went down.

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Hi @Ryan Shurman, I haven't had any experienceordering myself but I'm sure many others have. I believe it will be ok but I'm not sure how the seller can guarantee the condition when they don't have it in hand yet. Unless they are buying multiple copies I'm guessing you would have to settle for a refund. Hopefully other members can chime in. Welcome to the forum.:)
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Never done it myself either @Ryan Shurman, but I agree with @Sigill, the seller can't possibly know the condition of the items before they're delivered to him and/or guarantee they'll be mint. Only that, they're sealed in plastic.. :wow::rolleyes: So that part I don't necessarily agree with and in itself poses a slight "risk" to your purchase I guess.. Also, stuff from China arrives damaged all the time, especially from Blufans, so if the shipment arrives damaged and your only option left is a refund, bummer for you. Have to spend more time and hunt down elsewhere etc.

As for the prices being "not much higher than retail", I'm not sure that is an accurate statement lol. They're resellers and there to make a profit, plain and simple. To put it in perspective, cost of the Double Lenticular for Avengers: IW Blufans was around $70 all costs included, I see them selling on eBay for between £80-£90. One Click was $190-$200 all costs included, and is selling for minimum £250+ lol. So be careful, you pay the price on eBay given it's a convenience, no stress order etc.. Hope you have deep pockets :D

Good luck ;)
Feb 16, 2018
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@Ryan Shurman I have preordered before with Korean resellers wdpung and koreanmuse. They are both extremely reliable and excellent to deal with. Their preorder prices are normally at retail. As for those that offer preorders of Blu fans and FAC titles...well, most of those guys are cowboys and opportunistic scumbags, charging exorbitant prices for titles they sometimes haven’t even secured yet. To be perfectly honest, unless you’ve built up a relationship with a seller, the old adage of buyer beware applies.
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