F9: The Fast Saga (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (FilmArena Collection #?) [Czech Republic]


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Jul 10, 2019
Leeds, United Kingdom
Was only a matter of time



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Dec 31, 2020
They doing this... jesus christ... They got so many on their plate which keeps piling up and they top it with this.
I don't get it.
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Mar 12, 2018
What don't you get? That they intend to release a premium of the film? They're the only premium retailer that has a complete line for this saga.
It might not happen tomorrow or even 6 months from now, but it'll likely happen. At least they're not taking a dime from us until it's actually being produced.

Fast And Furious GIF by The Fast Saga

Lenny Nero

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I don't get what's the hold up with the releases, besides art approval from studios.
How hard is it to order a 1000 copies of printed material, put it together and mail out? They must have 2 and a half cripples (ooh, offensive, un-PC) working for them, otherwise I do not understand what's taking do long! Jewel from Deadwood, a handicapped person with cerebral palsy would assemble the sets faster.
Or is the mythical Covid schizophrenia now stopping the presses from functioning?
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