Fallout: New Vegas

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Fallout: New Vegas announced


Bethesda's latest postapocalyptic action RPG heads to the PS3 in 2010; Black Isle Studios castaway Obisidan Entertainment developing.

Released in October of last year, Fallout 3 was met with critical acclaim and commercial success, having shipped 4.7 million units worldwide in its first week. The game also performed well in the awards circuit, taking the top honours at the 2009 Game Developers Choice Awards last month during the Game Developers Conference.

Given that performance, it comes as little surprise that Bethesda Softworks won't be dallying in bringing a follow-up to market. At an event in London today, the publisher announced that a new Fallout game will be coming to the PS3 in 2010. Titled Fallout: New Vegas, the game is being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, whose most recent works include Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir and the upcoming Alpha Protocol. The studio was also at work on the third-person action title Aliens RPG before Sega canceled it earlier this year.

Obsidian Entertainment was founded in 2003 by Feargus Urquhart and others from Interplay's now-shuttered Black Isle Studios, developer of the original Fallout games. On hearing that the Fallout licence had fallen to Bethesda, Urquhart said: "Good Luck! That's probably somewhat horrible to say, but I think the team at Bethesda has their work cut out for them. This is mostly because there is almost nothing that they can do that will make the Fallout fans happy."

Fallout: New Vegas will be set in the Fallout universe but will not be a direct sequel to Fallout 3. However, it will stick to that game's RPG format, rather than branching out into real-time strategy territory as happened with 2001's Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel.

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E3 Trailer:

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Collector's Edition

? ?Lucky 7? poker chips. Each of the seven poker chips was designed to represent chips from the major casinos found on the New Vegas strip and throughout the Mojave Wasteland.

? A fully customised Fallout: New Vegas deck of cards. Each card in the pack has been uniquely illustrated to depict characters and factions found within the game. Use the cards to play poker, blackjack or Caravan, an original card game that was created by Obsidian especially for Fallout: New Vegas!

? A recreation of the game?s highly coveted ?Lucky 38? platinum chip.

? A hardcover graphic novel ?All Roads?, that tells the story of some of the characters and events that lead up to Fallout: New Vegas. ?All Roads? was written by Chris Avellone, the game?s creative director, and created in conjunction with Dark Horse Comics.

? ?The Making of Fallout: New Vegas? DVD. This documentary DVD will contain exclusive video content, including interviews with the developers in which they take you from concept to creation and discuss topics such as story, setting, legacy of the Fallout franchise and more.


Pre-Order Details:

The Classic Pack (GameStop):

? Armored Vault 13 Suit - Extensively patched up and dotted with piecemeal armor, this outfit is an homage to the classic ending of the original Fallout.
? Vault 13 Canteen - This handy device is useful for staving off dehydration and providing a small amount of healing in the Mojave Wasteland.
? Weathered 10mm Pistol - A well-worn 10mm pistol that packs an extra punch despite its modest size.
? 5 Stimpaks - Food and water are good for long-term healing, but when the fighting is fierce, Stimpaks help keep Wastelanders upright.

The Tribal Pack (Amazon):

? Tribal Raiding Armor - Pieced together from scraps of armor, this outfit provides protection without impacting mobility.
? Broad Machete - This heavy-bladed melee weapon does high damage against limbs and can quickly deal out a flurry of attacks.
? 5 Bleak Venom doses - Useful on any Melee Weapon, Bleak Venom makes short work of most living targets.
? 10 Throwing Spears - If you would like to silently pin an enemy's head to a wall, Throwing Spears are the way to do it.

The Caravan Pack (Steam and Walmart):

? Lightweight Leather Armor - This hand-modified suit of leather armor reduces its overall weight without impacting its ability to protect.
? Sturdy Caravan Shotgun - Despite its rough appearance, this Caravan Shotgun will reliably fire 20 gauge shells until the Brahmin come home.
? 4 Repair Kits - Useful for repairing any outfit or weapon, Repair Kits are a valuable tool for any caravaner.
? Binoculars ? The Mojave Wasteland is a dangerous place, but with these trusty Binoculars you'll be able to spot trouble coming.

The Mercenary Pack (Best Buy):

? Lightweight Metal Armor - Modified for long-range travel, this Metal Armor sacrifices some protection for mobility and overall weight.
? Mercenary's Grenade Rifle - Though similar to other 40mm Grenade Rifles in the Mojave Wasteland, this model has a faster reload cycle.
? 3 Super Stimpaks - When you absolutely, positively, need to keep your blood inside your body, Super Stimpaks fix you up in no time.
? 3 Doctors Bags - Mercenaries and broken limbs go together like Iguana-on-a-Stick and Nuka Cola. Thankfully, these Doctors Bags take a bit of sting out of the inevitable crushed skull.
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New Vegas pre-order details for Europe, Australia and South Africa


You’ve been asking, and now we’re answering: the Fallout: New Vegas pre-order details for much of Europe, Australia and South Africa are in, and we have the comprehensive breakdown.

Before we get to where you can grab each bonus pack, it’s important to note that the Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order in all territories. In addition, the Collector’s Edition will come packed with the same applicable digital bonus that each retailer is offering for the standard edition of the game.

Without further ado, the retailers carrying each pack are listed below:

In the UK you will be able to pre-order the game and receive a special digital pre-sell pack from the following retailers:

Collector’s Edition – GAME and Gamestation
Classic Pack – GAME
Caravan Pack – Play.com
Mercenary Pack – Gamestation
Tribal Pack – Amazon
In South Africa you can pre-order the game and receive a special digital pre-sell pack from the following retailers:

Collector’s Edition – BT Games, CNA, AWX, Defcon 5, Swap 2 Play, Take 2, Zaps, and Kalahari
Classic Pack – Musica
Caravan Pack – C.N.A.
Mercenary Pack – BT GAMES
Tribal Pack – Kalahari, and Take 2
In Germany, Austria and Switzerland you can pre-order the game and receive a special digital pre-sell pack from the following retailers:

Collector’s Edition – Amazon Germany and all good retailers in Switzerland and Austria
Classic Pack – All good Swiss retailers
Caravan Pack – Gamesonly, Gamesware and Game4game
Mercenary Pack – Amazon
Tribal Pack – Gamestop
In Australia you can pre-order the game and receive a special digital pre-sell pack from the following retailers:

Collector’s Edition – EB Games, JB Hi-Fi, GAME, Mighty Ape and a selection of independent shops
Classic Pack – EB Games
Caravan Pack – GAME
Mercenary Pack – JB Hi-Fi
Tribal Pack – AID
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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Fresh Fallout: New Vegas Details Emerge From The News Desert

Fresh Fallout: New Vegas Details Emerge From The News Desert
Written Wednesday, February 17, 2010 by Richard Walker

GameSpy has posted a list of Fallout: New Vegas features from an article in USA Today, which exposes some tantalising new info regarding Obsidian's new foray into the Fallout world.

In the news item Bethesda marketing bod, Pete Hines reveals some new details about the forthcoming game, including the following list courtesy of GameSpy:

You play a courier, not a vault dweller, who is shot and left for dead in a shallow grave in the desert. As evidenced in the teaser trailer, a robot digs you out and brings you to a local caregiver who nurses you back to health.

Vegas is up and running. Said Hines, "It is not a ghost town. It still exists and thrives. There are casinos, and you can go down onto the Strip. It will have a very different feel from that standpoint."

The game takes place a few years after Fallout 3, but New Vegas is a self-contained story. No characters from Fallout 3 appear, but you will hear a bit about the events that took place in that game.

A big part of the story will be finding out who tried to kill you and what they took.

New Vegas is similar in size to the DC area in Fallout 3. Said Hines, "It is a massive game world that will take you hundreds of hours to explore every nook and cranny."
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Fallout: New Vegas to offer hundreds of hours of exploration; more details

Fallout: New Vegas will provide hundreds of hours to explore. That’s according to Pete Hines of Bethesda Softworks. Speaking with USA Today, Hines explains that the game world is so massive that it will take “hundreds of hours to explore every nook and cranny.”

The game will take place at the Las Vegas Strip and surrounding areas in 2280. It is some 200 years after a nuclear holocaust during a war between the U.S. and China. Part of the game’s mystery is figuring out who you are playing. The main character starts the game shot, and left in a shallow grave in the desert and striped of a box he/she was carrying. A trusty robot comes to your aid and takes you to Doc Mitchell, who helps heal you. Throughout the game you’ll unlock the secrets of your character and who was in the box you were carrying at the beginning.

"Unlike the previous Fallouts, where you start in a vault and you are a vault dweller, this one starts with a curveball," explains Pete Hines.

This chapter in the series offers a brand new story with a brand new look to the game. Las Vegas is not desolate, Hines explains, in fact, it’s thriving. “There are casinos, and you can go down onto the Strip. It will have a very different feel from that standpoint,” he says.

Bethesda Softworks will publish the game while Obsidian Entertainment is developing the sequel. The game is set to release this fall.


beer snob
Premium Supporter
Feb 16, 2009
Milwaukee, WI
getting more excited about this one! hopefully they have a better ending than fallout 3 had.

also, anyone hear if they will allow you to play the game after you finish the last mission? that REALLY pissed me off about F3...
Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Obsidian's much anticipated Fallout spin-off, Fallout: New Vegas, is only a handful of months away from its general release now - after all, it is June already... oh my, where does time go!? With the title already confirmed to be playable for show attendees later on this month at the industry's most lavish trade show, E3, we caught up with Project Director, Josh Sawyer, to talk about all things New Vegas where we left no stone unturned. Yes, no stone. Having seen the title in France at Bethesda's Gamers' Day recently, we had many burning questions. Yes, many.

It seems that Obsidian have a knack for taking on sequels from other developers and putting their own spin on them, resulting in some great experiences. Why do you think that works?

Many Obsidian developers have been creating RPGs for over a decade, going all the way back to Black Isle. We're used to using other developers' technology to create RPGs, so it's easy for us to adapt to another company's content development pipeline. We generally try to focus on incrementally improving the game play and providing Obsidian-style content.

Is it something that you think should happen more often in the industry? Obviously, you guys have proved it’s possible to make successful games out of it.

If you have access to solid technology and a good working relationship with the tech's developer, go for it. Working on an established tech platform saves a lot of time.

So we have a new setting, new story, new everything in Fallout: New Vegas. Can you tell us a bit more why you chose “New Vegas” and how the wastelands in your title will differ to Fallout 3’s?

In many ways, Las Vegas is the opposite of Washington D.C. When many people think of Washington D.C., they think of traditional American virtues and the history of our young country. It's full of the enduring monuments of our nation. In contrast, Las Vegas is a city that appeals to contemporary American vices. It continually re-invents itself, destroying landmarks and creating new ones every few years.

The Mojave Wasteland itself is also quite different from the Capital Wasteland. The Mojave Wasteland in the game did not suffer as badly as the Capital Wasteland when the bombs were dropped. It has bright blue skies, sprawling warm deserts, Joshua trees, tumbleweeds. All the good stuff.

The wastelands in Fallout 3 were a pain to travel sometimes, especially when you were traveling to a new place for the first time, can we expect anything to help us get there quicker? A penny farthing... or a skateboard for example? Maybe a jet-pack.. okay, no... but something else?

Nope. We believe that the initial journey is part of the fun of the game. If you could skip that, it would detract from exploration tremendously.

Are there any nods to Fallout 3 in New Vegas, crossovers maybe where fans will go “holy crap, I remember that from Fallout 3!?”

There are a few small references here and there, but New Vegas is its own story.

From what we’ve seen so far, the engine looks untouched from a visual standpoint. Is there anything you’re trying to do to make New Vegas a better visual package from Fallout 3 or is it more of the “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it” mantra? I see we have blue skies now!

We did not want to delve too deeply into the rendering technology because of the relatively short development cycle. One element that we have changed is how the level of detail system works for distant objects. Specifically, they can now support material shaders, including emissives. We also implemented an "imposter" system that allows us to more convincingly represent distant buildings and effects. This was important for us because light pollution from casinos is such an important element of seeing Vegas from the desert.

Is there anything you’ve taken out the engine for the simple reason it didn’t work? Or is it Fallout 3’s engine in its entirety and then some?

There are some behind-the-scenes formulae used for weapon condition that we changed to help normalize the progression of weapons, but for the most part we've just tried to build on the engine.

Obviously one of the biggest game changers in New Vegas is the new reputation system. Can you tell us a little bit how it will work and what it will bring to the experience?

Each community and organization in Fallout: New Vegas has its own reputation tracker for the player. As people in the community or organization take note of good or bad things the player does, the player gains positive or negative reputation. Based on that reputation, people in the community will treat you differently.

In some cases, you may receive some benefits or suffer some penalties for the reputation you build with a group. It's also possible to have a mixed reputation, which has its own consequences. Certain characters, especially misfits in a group, tend to treat the player better if he or she has built up a mixed reputation.

The weapon customisation system is new as well we assume, can you tell us a little about that and what sort of advantages players will be able to take from this? Can we expect to be making a number of wacky contraptions?

We've tried to avoid wacky contraptions for the most part. In the Fallout universe, the western portion of the United States is a lot more industrialized and generally "with it" than the east. As a result, most of the mods are of the traditional variety.

We have a large number of traditional firearms in the game and there are a lot of mods for those weapons: extended magazines for pistols, larger ammunition drums for submachine guns, custom high-speed actions for lever action rifles, silencers, suppressors, and so on. We also have mods for energy weapons and explosives, like focus optics for the laser rifle (increases damage), and the "Little Boy" kit for the Fat Man, which drastically reduces its weight.

You’ve also spiced up the melee system with the alternate attacks, an example of which is the “Fore!” move for the golf club. Can we expect to see some artistic license taken with these? If you had to pick one, what would be your favourite?

The special melee attacks are all meant to be a bit exaggerated and fantastic in nature to set them apart from the standard moves. My favorite move is probably Mauler, used by sledges and super sledges. It's a really tremendous swing and does a lot of damage.

There seems to be any number of new partner characters this time around. Have you placed added emphasis on this aspect? Ultimately, do you think that maybe co-op in a game like Fallout could work in the future? It seems like with these partnerships, that co-op is the next evolution. If so, do you think co-op in an RPG could work? Or is it all about the single player experience?

Co-op certainly can work in RPGs, but I think one of the main staples of the Fallout experience is that it is primarily driven by the player's character. While companions have also always been part of the experience, their presence is purely optional. It's only in the spin-off games (Brotherhood of Steel, Tactics) that multiplayer has been a focus.

What else have you added to New Vegas gameplay wise that will add to the experience, other than the reputation system and the weapon customisation?

A ton of stuff, honestly. We've changed the SPECIAL system so the ability scores have more impact on your character. As an example, weapons now have Strength requirements. If you don't meet the weapon's requirements, your aim will suffer (for firearms) or it will attack more slowly (if a melee or unarmed weapon). Strength also affects how far you can throw weapons like grenades. On the more "cerebral" side of things, Charisma affects a statistic called Nerve that is applied to companions as a combat bonus.

We created a new crafting interface for the game that is quite extensive. Initially it was only going to apply to the Survival skill, but we expanded it to use a variety of skills at different locations. Crafting ranges from cooking raw meat into steak at a campfire to hand loading custom ammunition from spent shell casings at a reloading bench. I think people will really enjoy it.

Can you tell us a bit about hardcore mode and how insane it’s going to be... Is it really that hardcore?

I don't think it's really about being insanely difficult as much as it is about adding some more tactical and strategic elements to the core gameplay. Healing over time makes a significant difference in how combat feels, since a last-second stimpak probably isn't going to save you if you get in over your head. The other changes, namely weighted ammunition and the new survival elements such as dehydration, require the player to manage their inventory more carefully.

If you thought Fallout 3 was difficult, you will probably find Hardcore Mode to be appropriately-named. For me, Hardcore Mode is just the way I play the game. I'm sure that PC modders will very quickly add even more levels of challenge on top of Hardcore Mode as well.

We understand that a few of the guys at the studio also worked on Van Buren – the could have been Fallout 3 game – what came of that in the end? Have you taken anything across from that development in to this one?

Like most cancelled projects, the assets and documents went on a drive somewhere and collected dust in the "could have been" vault. We have carried some of the ideas from Van Buren into New Vegas. Primarily, the use of Caesar's Legion as a looming threat in the region, though it is much more present in New Vegas than it was in Van Buren. Most of the other similarities lie in bringing back regional power players from previous games: the New California Republic, Gun Runners, Crimson Caravan, Followers of the Apocalypse, and so on.

Fallout 3 was a very well supported game post-release, some say the best supported console video game quite possibly ever (I say that by the way), are there any plans in place for the same to happen with New Vegas? The engine has proved it’s robust enough to do that.

We know that Fallout 3's DLC packages were very popular, but it's too early to talk about that for Fallout: New Vegas.

And Fallout: New Vegas is penned for a fall release. Are you on schedule to hit that? Have you pinpointed a month yet?

We are still on track for fall of 2010.
Jan 29, 2009
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Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Fallout: New Vegas Q&A:

Will perks be available every level, every other level, every third level, etc.?

Josh Sawyer: We have shifted the perk rate to a game setting within the GECK. We currently have it set to one perk every two levels. Internal feedback to it has been mixed, so it's too early to say if we will keep it at this setting.

Will we be able to level past 20? Or 30?

JS: Our level cap is 30.

Will the PC retail game be able to be activated via Steam?

Jason Bergman, Senior Producer at Bethesda Softworks: Yes. Fallout: New Vegas will fully utilize the Steamworks SDK. This means that retail PC copies will activate via Steam. We are also using Steam for achievements and other features (but not multiplayer, of course. FNV remains a single player only game).

I’m assuming that you are reusing some of the animations from Fallout 3. Have you done anything to improve these or are they going to stay the same way that they did in Fallout 3?

Josh Sawyer: We started our animation work by determining what new animations we needed, what existing animations we thought needed revision, and what else we could revise. We have already changed some of the core combat animations (for example, all first-person firearm aim animations have been revised) as well as creature animations (our "West Coast" Super Mutants have new idles, walk, and run cycles).

Can you confirm 'Dogmeat' will be a companion?

JS: The Mojave Wasteland is full of dogs. Who knows who will want to be your pal this time around?

You hinted at multiple ammo choices being available. How deep are you going with that? Will that only be regular and AP ammo?

JS: What ammunition sub-types are available to the player depends on the base type. Not all ammunition types have standard, hollow point, and armor piercing variants. For example, there is no armor piercing .22 ammunition. In addition to "standard" ammunition, hollow point and armor piercing are the two most common variants. 20 gauge and 12 gauge shotguns have slug variants in addition to the standard (buckshot). Some calibers also have +P (overpressure) rounds, military surplus rounds (bought in bulk, increased power, increased wear on the weapon), or hand loads. Hand loads are always built at reloading benches in the world and can take a number of different forms. For example, you can craft .308 Jacketed Soft Points or .45-70 Gov't Semi-Wadcutters with very "hot" loads.

Energy Weapons and Explosives can also use ammunition subtypes. Some energy ammunition has "over charge" or "bulk" variants, the former being high-powered but damaging to the weapon and the latter being cheap but under-powered. 25mm grenades (used in the grenade machinegun) have a high explosive variant and 40mm grenades have an incendiary variant.

Are the Super Mutants in the screen shots graphical stand ins? Will they eventually have the unique appearance of the Mariposa Super Mutants from FO1 & FO2 (as seen in talking head dialogues), or will they appear as they do in the screen shots, almost identical to FO3 Vault 87 mutants?

JS: Our early Super Mutant and Nightkin models were placeholders. All of them have been re-textured, slightly remodeled, and re-animated to more closely resemble the Mariposa Super Mutants.

Will the ending slides for all of the settlements return in New Vegas?

JS: We may not hit every single group or location, but our ending is pretty comprehensive in what it covers.

What other creatures are in New Vegas, and is it possible to see concept art of a new creature?

JS: One of my favorites is the Cazador. Cazadores are mutated tarantula hawk wasps that have found their way north from the Sonoran Desert. They aren't very durable, but their poison is deadly and they are very creepy looking.

Cazador Concept Art:


Will each faction have a radio station?

JS: Not every faction has a radio station, but I hope people are happy with the radio stations, DJs, and music selection we have.

Will there be any sort of party involved? A few companions to tag along?

JS: Yes. The player may have one humanoid and one non-humanoid companion at any given time.

Will you get to meet that badass from the teaser trailer?

JS: Eventually. :)

What does Steamworks mean to you?

Senior producer Jason Bergman:"Fallout: New Vegas uses Steamworks for achievements and other features (such as friends lists, cloud storage of user preferences and so on). Use of Steam will be mandatory at retail. So what does that mean? We’ve implemented Steamworks in as light and unobtrusive a way as possible. Yes, you will have to install Steam when you install Fallout: New Vegas if you don’t already have it. And yes, you will have to be online at the time of that initial install. However you can install the game on as many systems as you want (with no restrictions!), and you do not have to be online to play the game after your initial activation. Not only that, but once the game has activated on Steam, you can throw out the game DVD entirely and just download the game over Steam. If you don’t even have a DVD drive, you can just take the CD-Key from the box, enter it into Steam, and download it without ever using the disc at all.

For those concerned, this will have no affect on mod development whatsoever. Modders will still be able to create and distribute their plugins the same way they have in the past.

We made the decision to use Steam after looking at all the various options out there and decided that it provided the best, least intrusive experience for PC gamers. We think you’ll agree."
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