Now Streaming Fallout (Season 1) [Prime Video]

Got to say: visually, this is spot on. A few scenes in the trailer gave me goosebumps. Yes, I’ve played these games too much… but at least visually it’s nice to see something translating well to the screen.

Let’s hope it’s better than the Halo adaptation.
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Considering how trailers went by i didn't have many hopes - but pilot was great and i love it.
This one and Halo looking great both.
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Was going to ask has anyone started this? First episode is f**king awesome. Hope it continues. Absolutely savage too

I feel like we're on a slight path of decent video game adaptations
Binged the entire thing in three days - that's what happens when you have Sciatica and cannot get a good nights sleep :rofl:
Don't normally post much in the tv and movie threads but man, this was legit one of the best seasons of television I've ever seen! I'm a massive fan of the games and have dreamed of a Fallout show forever but was always a worry if they would get it right. They absolutely nailed this thankfully!! Genuinely can't wait to watch it all again

Whole cast is great but special mention to Walton Goggins who is absolutely brilliant (and brutal) as The Ghoul
I never could get into the game, same goes for this show. I watched the first episode and could not stand it and almost stopped it midway but gave it the benefit of the doubt and it just didn't appeal to me. Easy pass! (n)
As a person who has never played the games I really enjoyed the show. The actress who plays Lucy really nailed the plucky naivety who struggles and learns to adapt outside the vault. Goggins plays basically 2 different characters as far as his character arc goes from pre-bomb to current day in the show. Maximus was a likable character who makes believable decisions. Recommend giving this show a chance if you can.
Love the games and the production values in the show (and the nods to gamers) totally make it worth it. I thought the story dragged at times, but overall it’s quality. Would have preferred a more likeable or quirky actor for ‘Titus’ but you can have everything!
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Just keeps getting better for me. Absolutely loving it

Also Marvel should just recast Aaron Moten as Kang. The resemblance is uncanny and I think he would be great