Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them (With Limited Edition Niffler Statue) [UK]


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Dec 21, 2013
@GI_SnakeEyes did u end up getting this after all?
I havent seen anyone post anything about this edition! I ended up cancelling my pre order, was going to wait to see if it got cheaper.
Feb 17, 2011
Finally got mine today but bit annoyed as one of his claws was missing. Its not in the box or bag it was wrapped in so more than likely it was packed in box like that and not noticed.
Got the normal send back for full refund or get a replacement but was able to get something off.
Not much but at least i don't feel so annoyed.
But i sure dont get much luck with amazon orders these days if not slightly damaged items its its packed with no amazon box or missing items.
Good job they are ok to deal with when issues come up.