Fast & Furious 6 (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Zavvi Exclusive w/4 Artcards) [UK]

Aug 29, 2011
Release date: 16th September 2013
Purchase Link: Fast and Furious 6 - {param}£21.99
Notes: Includes four (4) art cards
From website:
Includes four art cards.




Actual pics: (Thanks to ricster)










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Hmmm.. Strange. There is already a live preorder on amazon showing the same artwork.

Yup, it's the same art. Even Zavvi have two listings with the same art. difference is you can pay an extra £6 to get a UV copy (assuming it doesn't come with the normal one) and four artcards.

Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and ask you to not do that Zavvi..........
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If you go into Zavvi via the link above it's £23.95, if you go in directly to the site it's £29.99. How can they justify charging £10 more than Sainsburys and everything I've bought from Sainsburys has arrived before the release date. Still haven't got my Aladdin yet from Zavvi.
Don't know much about this movie. I've seen the first 5, and was not impressed by Fast Five at all. I don't mind preposterous stunts. I love the Mission Impossible series. I thought Man of Steel and Avengers were fantastic, and all those movies are beyond preposterous.

But I dunno, something about the way the action and situational sequences play out in Fast and Furious series just makes me kinda zone out. I am a car fanatic. Own a Supra Turbo myself and love sports cars, but I just wish the races in F&F movies weren't so hollywood-ized.

Also, I gotta say... those cars on the front of this steel. :wtf: That's the coolest pic they can come up with? So many awesome looking cars these days, and they chose..... THOSE cars? cropped to hell and cutoff at all ends?

um. okey dokey. :thumbs:
Separate thread created. Unfortunately later on info like this gets lost when people try to research what exclusives there were for different retailers. We have separate threads for other releases that are different, to be as comprehensive as possible. Since some collectors do consider the extras, a separate thread can remain for now.
I dont need any art cards or extra disc. I just need the blu ray thats all. So i will get this in amazon to save £10:D
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£29.99 they can go and do one !

I cancelled most of my preorders with Zavvi yesterday i'm going to stick to more collectible Asian and Euro titles from now on :thumbs:

Still I know someone who will be buying it from Zavvi and he's no James Bond ;)

:thumbs: if enough people do it they might get the hint! I love the f&f series and appreciate zavvi's hard work but come on £29.99 EEK!
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I'm glad to see Zavvi including something extra in their steels now, good with variation. But they can gtfo with that price... Wasn't even interested in the first place so whatever.
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