Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]


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May 3, 2011


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Well if there from the USA they will be poorly made no inside artwork and overall a below par quality.

If they are Steelbooks I am kind of hoping that is the case TBH. I just completed the German set (which really is a nice set IMO with the spot gloss) and don't really want to buy them all over again. And I would because this is one of my favorite series :scat: One of the few things I would double dip on nowadays.
Yes! Please let this be true. I want to complete the steelbook set for this series. I didn't bite on the german ones since they have printed backs and not really any inside art either.
Yeah, sorry, every Steelbook released in the USA has not been poorly made-and any final choices of inside art and finishes does not rest with the country, but with the studio and production choices. Universal has chosen more intricate finishes overall in the US than Warner, so lets hope that the relatively cool look of the Walmart F&F 6 Steelbook materializes in a nice product. Every country sans a few have had their 'turkeys' where shortcuts or 'quickie designs' are concerned, imo.
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Karl, your post said that 'if they are from the US they will be poorly made', suggesting that that is always true, and will be true again, which doesn't have to be the case. As our members do, we also point out if someone is simply posting sweeping generalizations.
USA dominates in poor quality steelbooks dont get all shirty and defensive PB facts speak for themself IMO

:hilarious: :hilarious: but so untrue. Warner waves have been horrible but a very small representation of US steels.

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Last time I checked those Universal Reel Heroes Steelbooks were even worse than what Warner have released :(

You can pick apart the waves anytime. Most of us in the US do. When it comes to individual releases, quality all around. Some have had manufacturing defects but still good releases.
lets not forget the Great Steel's that were Zero Dark Thirty, Evil Dead(Remake), LesMiserables.......those were good right:ohno:

but if these turn out to be Steels then i Might be in for some or just keep my Jumbo 1 - 4 steelbook:thumbs:
Last time I checked those Universal Reel Heroes Steelbooks were even worse than what Warner have released :(

I'm sorry who started that release oh the uk did when they released those slips then Germany decided to do steel books. Then someone decided oh lets release worldwide .