Fat Princess Megathread: Patch 1.05 is LIVE

Jan 29, 2009

Fat Princess is a downloadable program for the PlayStation Network made by Titan Studios and sold by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is primarily a zero to thirty-two multiplayer game with the basic goal of rescuing the Princess and bringing her back to the team's base.

The players collect and carry cakes to feed the enemy's princess which makes her heavier and therefore harder for the enemy to carry back to their own castle.


The game contains six character classes, each of which helps to make the team's task of capturing the princess much harder.:


The Villager


The Worker


The Priest


The Ranger


The Mage


The Warrior​

Gameplay: In Fat Princess, the player joins one of two opposing groups consisting of up to 16 cartoon characters each, with the goal of rescuing their team's princess from the other team's outhouse. In order to make their opponents' task more difficult, players can feed the captive princess more and more cake slices so that she will become heavier and harder to carry back to her respective castle.

Players can change their character classes and abilities on the fly by picking up hats that are generated at their team's castle. Hats can also be found on the warzone where enemies have fallen. The game's six classes include the villager, mage, warrior, and worker. On their blog, Titan Studios has teased three additional classes: pirate, guitarist, and the king. Each class has its own unique set of abilities and skills. Each class can be upgraded by having the worker class collect resources from the map and then upgrading the hat producing machines by using a prefixed amount of resources. Upgrades provide alternative weapons or attacks to each class.

On each map there are several trees and ore nodes which worker classes can use to obtain resources.

Other interactive objects are bombs produced by an upgraded worker hut and a magic potion which turns players into chickens when thrown.

There are also torches that most classes can use to ignite their weapons to do additional damage, this was originally thought to only be the case with the ranger, but it is also available for use by other classes.
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Character Classes:

1) Villager is the most basic character class. It's the class each player begins the game as, and has no real strengths.

- Health: Two hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Slapping / none.

- Benefits: The game claims that you can slap an enemy and stun them with the villager, but more likely you will be hacked to bits before you can get close enough to back-hand.

- Strategy in a Sentence: Change into a class, fast!

2) Worker is just what the title says: a worker. That means you get to work while everyone else fights. Yay.

- Health: Four hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Axe / Bombs.

- Benefits: The worker is vital to victory, actually. The worker gets to go out and work by chopping down trees and gathering rocks, sure, but what that means is gathering resources; resources means upgrades for each class; and upgraded classes means more powerful classes to destroy the enemy with. Without people playing as the worker, you can pretty much just give up.

-Strategy in a Sentence: Gather wood and rocks to upgrade the classes, and once the worker class is upgraded, don't be afraid to bomb to snot out of everyone.

3) Warrior is the attacker. Use the warrior to bum rush the enemy castle, or to hack-up any enemy stragglers; heck, even jump into a giant brawl and swing away. Your job is to attack.

- Health: Six hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Sword and shield / Glaive.

- Benefits: The warrior has the most health out of any class, not only making him the attacker but the tank. This means that when your team is working together, you need some of these guys to slash your way through the waves of enemies coming at you. Plus, once you're upgraded to the glaive, you can charge your attack and lunge pretty far forward, not only enabling attacking back-peddling enemies, but allowing you to move great distances quickly.

- Strategy in a Sentence: Don't be afraid of running to the front-lines, you're the one that's supposed to be pushing the enemy back, so attack attack attack!

4) Mage is the magic caster. You start out casting fire but once upgraded, you can also cast ice. Fire is great for enveloping a group of enemies with fire and slowly draining their health; ice is perfect for freezing a group of enemies so your teammates can reduce their health.

- Health: Four hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Fire / Ice.

- Benefits: The mage is the guy who stops the enemy dead in their tracks. Sure, you cast fire and do some damage, but the real beauty of the mage is being able to freeze enemies so a warrior buddy can come in and annihilate the immobilized enemy.

- Strategy in a Sentence: Once this class is upgraded, it's perfect for freezing enemies to kill them, or to stop a princess thief from escaping with the fatty.

5) Ranger is the long distance attacker. While everyone else is on the front lines, you can stand back and pick off enemies without getting injured. It helps to climb up into a tower and do this as well.

- Health: Five hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Bow and arrow / Shotgun.

-Benefits: Basically what is written above. You have the long range capabilities, so use it to your advantage. Also, you can light your weapon on fire to do additional damage to enemies.

-Strategy in a Sentence: Stand back and use the long distance advantage to pick off stragglers and help your front line attackers.

6) Priest is the requisite healer. Without him tagging along, once your health is depleted, you're pretty much done for. The priest is essential to successfully capturing the enemies princess.

- Health: Four hearts.

-Normal and Upgraded abilities: Heal / Drain.

-Benefits: Being able to heal is swell and all, but what about when you don't need to heal anyone? Don't worry, once upgraded the priest has the ability to drain the enemies health. This is great when you happen upon a small group of enemies and you need to dispose of them quickly; and once they're done for, you can switch over to heal mode and make sure everyone's ready for the next skirmish.

-Strategy in a Sentence: Heal the wounded, but remember to help dispose of the enemy with your drain ability.
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Apr 2, 2009
ohhhhh i gotcha.

well i'll tell ya..there's a bit of a learning curve, but its fun. btw..don't play with the default settings. 31 players is way too many..knock it down to 21
Apr 2, 2009
Well last night everyone on my team was wondering this because there was no one on the on the cell yet the map showed a princess there. Weird.

oh right..i've heard of other people playing online who said the same thing. must be a bug