FCC Should Restrict Exclusive Handset Deals

Apr 27, 2009
as much as i love the idea it is just another case of the goverment putting thier nose in something they shouldn't, i.e. health care, GM, Chrysler and just about everything else.
Apr 3, 2009
Exclusive deals is not better for the consumer,its way worse.
It takes away any form of competition.
Exclusive deals are detroying competition and therefore allow them to charge whatever they want for the product.
Here in canada things suck really bad,there is no competition here at all.
We have 1 landline phone carrier(aside from voip and that crap)
They therefor have the worst customer service i have ever seen,they do not care about customers at all.
I do not believe that if you want a product you should be forced to go with a certain provider.
How would you feel if you wanted a ps3 but in order to get one you had to go with a certain internet provider because they have exclusive rights to support the psn?
In my opinion exclusive deals are bs and should be stopped before it gets way out of hand,pretty soon we are gonna be told based on the car we drive where we have to fill up our gas,and if we dont our warranty is voided.

I just flatout dont agree with it