[FI] Paperinukke's Sale/Trade Thread


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Apr 13, 2014
Welcome to my thread! :) Here are listed all my steelbook that I'm currently willing to sell or trade, though I prefer selling currently. Every steelbook is sealed and mint if not stated otherwise.

Payments should be done via Paypal, with either "gift" or "goods" option, if you choose the latter you will be paying the fees. Prices are in euros. Shipping is not included in the price. You can receive pictures if you want, naturally. Price can be negotiable, especially if you buy multiple items.

In addition to my feedback on this forum here's some from a Finnish site: https://www.huuto.net/kayttaja/2129666

Steelbook list:
Rocky OAB - 50€
Wreck-It-Ralph Lenticular Slip with stickers and a notebook - 50€

Mondo Steelbooks: Flash Gordon, Terminator 2, Terminator 2 Variant, The Thing, Shaun of The Dead, Ex Machina
X-Men UK Steelbook
Under The Skin UK Steelbook
FilmArena exclusives: The Equalizer, The Heat
The Wolverine DE Lenticular Steelbook
Lord of War Asian Slipbox
Nicolas Cage movie slipcases
Studio Ghibli movie slipcases

Thank you for looking. :thumbs:
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