Final Fantasy X (Square Enix) [USA]

Release date: Oct. 27, 2021
Purchase link: Square Enix
Price: $54.99
Notes: 2xLP set, 19 tracks.

FFX Vinyl.png

FFX Vinyl - 2.png FFX Vinyl - 3.png

Disc 1 - Side A
Tidus's Theme
Battle Theme

Disc 1 - Side B
Hymn of the Fayth
Yuna's Theme
Movement In Green
The Sending
Auron's Theme
Chocobo Jam

Disc 2 - Side C
Rikku's Theme
SUTEKI DA NE (Isn't It Wonderful?)
A Fleeting Dream

Disc 2 - Side D
Fight With Seymour
A Contest Of Aeons
Final Battle
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Personally, I'm going to pass on this one. I would rather Square Enix did a regular black or colored vinyl release as opposed to all of these picture disc sets the Final Fantasy games have been getting.