Netflix Find Me Falling - Streaming July 19, 2024


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Title: Find Me Falling

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Music

Director: Stelana Kliris

Cast: Harry Connick Jr., Agni Scott, Ali Fumiko Whitney, Clarence Smith, Athina Roditou, Antonis Katsaris, Andreas Phylactou, Ioanna Kamenou, Yiola Klitou, Vasilis Mihail, Elias 'Kanenas' Savva, Elena Christophi, Markos Ioulios Drousiotis, Lea Maleni, Christodoulos Martas, Alexia Paraskeva, Effie Charalambous, Angeliki Filipidou, Tony Demetriou

Release: 2024-07-19

Plot: After a failed comeback album, rock star John Allman escapes to a dreamy Mediterranean island, only to discover that his new cliffside home has an unfortunate notoriety that attracts unwanted visitors and an old flame.

Harry Connick Jr. still doing romantic movies?
I remember losing my virginity during Hope Floats...
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