Finding Dory (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

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Jul 7, 2016
Yes, they can use the same style on these but when it comes to TOY STORY 4 actually matching TOY STORY 1 - 3 that's clearly asking too much :rolleyes:
It's silly isn't it.

They could do so very well in making these Pixar steels a wonderful collective range that flows nicely and continues to match but we are always left with the dreaded inconsistency of collecting sets. Certainly one of my biggest issues.

Not only do we have a new releases that doesn't match but further down the line this current design will stop and the flow will be over again.

It's great they're all being re-released in 4k with this cutesy art, absolutely great, but it's just a money making machine (which we all obviously know) but the payoff for it isn't to the standard we want. There are always holes in collecting and I think design inconsistency is one of the biggest and most frustrating.

I'm not sure if the UK will get these but I feel quite sad that i'm not jumping aboard, purely for the reasons above. It's not worth it now for me as I have all of the other Pixars that go well together but don't 'match' as such if that makes sense. They were never all brought out to all match each other but styles are similar with the embossing, gloss and bright vivid covers... but this new set is specifically to match and it's hard to buy one or two without wanting them all. Meaning none at all.
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