Finding Dory (Finding Nemo 2) - June 17, 2016


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[CONTAINER][MOVIE1]Title: Finding Dory (2016)
Genre: [GENRE]Animation[/GENRE], [GENRE]Adventure[/GENRE], [GENRE]Comedy[/GENRE]
Director: [DIRECTOR]Andrew Stanton[/DIRECTOR]
Cast: [ACTOR]Ellen DeGeneres[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Albert Brooks[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Diane Keaton[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Eugene Levy[/ACTOR], [ACTOR]Ty Burrell[/ACTOR]
Plot: Taking place a year after finding nemo,Dory goes on a journey to reunite with her family.[/MOVIE1][POSTER1]

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Yep your dead right the first one is a classic "mine mine mine mine"! The second one could be awesome, but is Nemo getting lost again, I hope they change the story up a bit, with some great new characters!
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We can debate the necessity or quality of Pixar sequels until our swim bladders burst, but the fact remains that a follow-up to Finding Nemo is definitely on the way. More evidence for the sequel's existence comes via a Hollywood Reporter story about Ellen DeGeneres entering negotiations to reprise her voice role of forgetful fish Dory.

Though DeGeneres has apparently not yet locked in a deal, we’d imagine it wouldn’t be too tough to snag her back assuming she likes the script. She’s long been one of the more vocal proponents for a sequel to the 2003 film.

Victoria Strouse is on script duty, overseen of course by Nemo godfather and writer-director Andrew Stanton, who is also returning to at least supervise the new film. But since this is a Pixar movie, there is naturally no solid info as to the plot. Still, we’d expect to see Albert Brooks’ Marlin back for more. And, hopefully, the sharks and Geoffrey Rush’s Nigel. Oh, and Crush! Dude!

Ahem… The first film will be re-released in 3D next March here in the UK. The sequel is likely to hit sometime in 2016. Now stop tapping on the glass.
I had mixed feelings when I read the news the other day. So far the only sequels worth a damn from Disney are the Toy Stories. So here's to hoping.
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really cant wait for this one, i am a big finding nemo fan, and ellen was pushing for a sequel to be made for years, and finally there is going to be one
:cough: Cars 2 :cough:


I didnt think it was bad as people made it out to be. Sure, its not the usual level of Pixar goodness and heart, but I've seen far worse movies in my time.

Just as long as Pixar don't get too obsessed with sequels, I'm sure the world can survive without a Cars 3. I wonder if they can resist the temptation to do a "Rata2ille"? :hilarious: