Fist Of Legend (Blu-ray Metal Box) (iMovie Exclusive) [China]

Choi Chungkwon

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Jan 28, 2013
South Korea
iMovie exclusive #2
First of Legend Viva Metal Box

iMovie only ship to address in China

Release date: September
500 limited print run

Art work is not final.

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The black looks much nicer than the white. Something about the white just seemed off. I wonder if it will be the same transfer/disc as the Dragon Dynasty release.

Also just putting it out there, but I think this remake is a better movie than the Bruce Lee original. Just saying...
I have some news for you guys about this and the FMC Viva Metal Box which i got from my friend in china:

He said all copies from both VMBs are already sold out and must be sourced elsewhere

he also said he is still waiting for new information about the quality of these VMBs (same quality like the canadian ones or contaminated with paint chips like some other releases)

so i am pretty sure there will be no GB possible for these two releases :(