Forrest Gump (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Italy]

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Mar 24, 2013
Yes, "You never know what you're gonna get". . .
In this case looks just fine to me . . . and as for a new FORREST GUMP steelbook why ever not . . . with far, far inferior films getting multiple steelbooks . . . and this epic rom/com/dram deserves at least one other steelbook . . . and not forgetting the white steelbook was released way back in September, 2012 here in the U.K. and for that one today you won't see any change from 35 quid for a sealed copy.

Yes, all good to have a change from the white . . . despite the less patriotic colour scheme when compared to the original with its red, white and blue design . . . but in truth that colour scheme has been used on just about every FORREST GUMP release from steelbooks down - and this pleasant shade of blue could look just fine in the flesh as more contrasty against the pale suit etc.

. . . and I like the way he's looking longingly past the white feather at the box of chocs on the back ;)

As the white one has already been chosen and eaten, now time for a blue one . . .

Would've been a significant departure if the front art had been less iconic with either of these used:-
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Sep 29, 2014
I am getting this and I don't mind that it is blue. I am glad I didn't cave for the UK one! Now I get to pay half the price! :drool:

We need a Cast Away steel next! :cigar:
Mar 24, 2013
Yes indeed, a lovely rich blue to allow Forrest in his white suit to stand out (unlike on the previous steelbook)

Pics courtesy sujahta0216

Special features:-