Upcoming Foundation (Season 3) [Apple TV+]


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Sep 20, 2015
Well it's not from HBO and Jon Nolan anymore, but it's apparently still happening !! :woot::woot::woot: From Skydance with authors David Goyer and Josh Friedman !!!

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy Heads For TV

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I think Dune would be a better comparison, as it's also a whole other universe, with multiple thick books, and some also found Villenueve's film slow and boring, but I loved its atmosphere and music.
Something like that is missing from Foundation. It's dry. Like new Star Wars senate scenes.
Loved pilot episode of 2nd season. Looking better than pilot of 1st season. Also more action there :)
The first episode was numbingly boring and pretentious.
It's like this whole world with a dozen thick books that feels like would take a lifetime to learn and get used to, and I'm too old and irritated to do that, and the show doesn't seem to help.

For a contrasting example, The Fifth Element is also like a whole other world, but it's easily accessible and exciting, and you dive right in a gobble it all up.

Or maybe I wasn't in the mood. I will try again later, now that there's another season...

4 episodes in and I love the show.
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