[FR] : Captain Marvel Weet, John Wick 2 Nova, Perfume Kimchidvd ... Sell or trade

Feb 17, 2019
Hello everybody !

I am Madar38 in eBay you can see my feedback there (100%) :)

I have some editions to sell or trade. Feel free To contact me for any pictures of course.

All items are opened but mint except when I mention Sealed or and damage.

Payment (€) with Paypal between friends and shipping costs to be estimated depending on your location of course.

My current list:

Weet Collection :

Captain Marvel Steelbook sealed: 50 euros


John Wick 2 Original Release Fullslip B open but mint and cellophane still there on Fullslip: 50 euros


Passengers steelbook only no goodies only 3d disc and French 2d disc : 15 euros


- The Perfume Lenticular Edition 50 euros small white point on verso for steelbook
- The Perfume Fullslip Edition 60 euros small White point on verso for steelbook


- Warcraft Fullslip sealed with bracelet: 40 euros
- Fast and Furious 7 Paul Walker Edition open but mint condition : 70 euros


- Halloween Fnac edition 4k 2d: 30 euros
- Shape of Water Fnac edition 2d: 20 euros
- Dragons 3 4k and 2D Fnac Edition sealed 16 euros
- Riddick Fnac Edition with booklet (with UK extended cut disc instead of Frznch disc: 10 euros

- Spiderman Far From Home Amazon Exclusive sealed : 15 euros
- Suicide Squad 3D (only 2d extended cut, 2d theatre and DVD): 10 euros
- Batman vs Superman but 3d and 2d Manta discs : 10 euros

- Greatest Showman: 20 euros
- Jumanji 2 movies edition (original one and Welcome to Jungle with game set inside): 12 euros
- Alien 40th Aniversary (with Blu ray only): 12 euros
- Equalizer 4K FR with one scratch on the back : 12 euros
- Looper with lenticular magnet : 10 euros
- 300 (red one) : 10 euros
- Or noir: 8 euros

- Sherlock Holmes G1 Format only Blu ray: 5 euros
- Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows G1 format with DVD only: 5 euros
- Mad Max 3D (empty only with DVD disc): 5 euros


- Scarface (embossed one) : 12 euros


- Green Hornet with French disc 8 euros

Booklets which can be sold without steelbook:

- Fnac Black Panther
- Fnac Onward
- Fnac Incredibles 2
- Fnac Maleficient Mistress of Evil
- Fnac Monsters Academy
- Fnac Toy Story 4
- Fnac Ralph breaks the Internet
- Fnac Riddick
- American Sniper

My wants (To trade or buy depending on prices):

Steelbooks even without discs :

- Memento Kimchidvd Lenticular edition mostly
- Dumbo Bestbuy
- Shining (yellow one)
- Alien Filmarena boxset empty

Fullslip or Lenticular slips even without steelbook:

- Wonder Woman
- Justice League (preferred would be FS Manta)
- Birds of Prey
- Avengers 1 Fullslip Novamedia (Thor)
- Open to any proposal for other titles (I have many steelbooks and be glad to get premium slips to put them inside - in case of fair price obviously :))

4K disc only :

- Beetlejuice
- Goonies
- Lawrence of Arabia
- Gandhi
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Dec 6, 2013
Hi there,

Wanted to get a photo of this please if your still have it for sale.

Spiderman Far From Home Filmarena sealed (4K edition) : 42 euros