Free DVDFab Passkey lifetime license (AnyDVD HD alternative)


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May 22, 2014
Worcester, UK
I just saw on another forum that DVDFab are giving away free lifetime licenses (all updates for free) for PassKey until 31st August.

Passkey does pretty much the same thing as AnyDVD HD and works for DVDs and Blurays, it allows you to remove region codes from disks (e.g. play a Region A bluray on a player set to region B), remove BD-Live, and more.

All you need to do is get a license is go here and enter your email:

You'll be sent the license and download link, enjoy!

It's normally $154.50 for a lifetime license, so it's a rather good freebie IMO!
I'd been thinking about buying AnyDVD HD for a while but now don't need to :) and am finally able to watch the extras on my region A locked X-Men US FuturePaks, yay!
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