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Aug 25, 2020
sorry to post this here, but I can't help but say what I think about the team that "manages" else where ...

so far, user of many platforms (BR.com, HDN, ebay ... and this bullshit ...) because let's not hide it, it's a vast farce ...

I have, on many occasions, discussed with their admins ... they all say they live in the world of Disney ... everyone loves each other, everyone is nice ... and above all, we do this on a voluntary basis , we only take costs that allow the maintenance of the site ... bla bla bla ...

member for quite a year there, they released two years ago I believe, their Tier Membership program ... which at the base, mainly granted a priority to register on the GB blufans, oab ...
of course, it pays off !!! 100 USD per year for a PLATINUM ... well, that was for 2019 ... because with the covid, it increased to 120 USD !!!
you understand, in this difficult period where many had diffculties ... lost their jobs ... they said to themselves that this would help us increase their prices by 20% ...

but beware, for this price, you will have many advantages ... well no ... nothing more, it's just more expensive !!!

you should also know that many had credit on their site, sometimes tens of USD ... but at renewal, everything disappeared as if by magic, and of course, no way to recover them, they had to be used before. ..
it would have been good to be warned ... but so much more advantageous for them ...

let's move on to the new nugget of the moment ... the exponential increase of shipping costs ...

again, I agree to pay the right price... but we all know how much it costs to ship direct from our editions ... we also all know that more a significant number of editions are sent to one person, the more the shipping cost per edition is decreasing ...

some examples :

IT BLACK BARONS -> 18 USD for 2 editions + 5 USD for the Harbox ...
I'm hallucinating ....

BvS HDZ + THE MULE HDZ -> editions yet sent together ... well no ... full payment ... 36 USD for 2 editions ...

HEAT WCL -> a hundred registered in their GB, and 25 USD of shipping costs requested per member !!!
Was else where really charged 2500 USD in shipping costs ??? let me laugh ...

I would really like to have access to the retailers invoices and to check for myself ...

I forgot to finish that I am fed up with reading internally that HDN does everything wrong, HDN is not serious .... well it's quite the opposite !!!
else where takes its members for idiots, cash cows ...
the only answer they know how to give is "you can go and look elsewhere" or ban yourself!

at least here, on HDN, everything is clear, nothing is hidden ... here, we know the allocations at the opening of each GB, the GB are not opened too quickly ...
rules do not change at the last moment ...

I invite each member of else where to ask themselves the right questions!
I invite you all to order more on HDN, rather than on this bullshit site ...

so a last word, FU ** MEDIAPIPO, and GO GO GO HDN !!!!

BvS HDZ.jpg


IT BB.jpg



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Jun 4, 2013
The Moon
Wow I had missed a few pages here. Tbh I didn’t realise the thread had moved and missed the action. Wreck wrecked the mic multiple times, love to see it

I can’t believe how comical that risingson post is! Actually laughable. What really made me laugh is there’s no hostility over there about this site.... that’s because the culprits come here to stir the pot LOL. Well they used to. And erm.... I’m pretty sure there is, it’s been a while since I visited there but I’m adamant I’ve seen snipey comments
Over there before. The fact that a lot of banned members were the first guys over there and it’s creators says a lot. And of course they will be bitchy about this site. Especially in the early days of MP.

and as I’ve stated before, I had a crappy experience Over there with dodgydave on a GB and never went back. It was just weird and incredibly rude

However, I’m eager to know who this secret courageous coward is (Which does not make sense and I’m sure cancels each other out) ..... Hopefully won’t have to wait long, apparently the mystery will be solved soon by scooby dud and mysteryblaster gang

And yeah I can 100% confirm certain older members who went over there from the beginning tried to poach certain members here including myself like wreck mentioned (leached) (hence why I first joined to see what it’s all about over there) which I always found weird. Because of the way this certain member approached me. It’s like they were trying to start a rivalry straight away. And this person who poached me who I won’t name was very odd about it all, all very secretive etc .... she literally Kept saying “keep it quiet, these PMs will be deleted if admins find out, we’ve spoke to a lot of other members about joining and they are coming over one by one etc” i won’t name that person (you can probably guess from ‘she’) but it 100% happened... I still have the PMs. And I’m sure if any of you older members read this you would of been contacted too In this sketchy way (this is when MP first started). And I know some of you would of been contacted because when I joined there, there was a lot of the same names here over there and had joined in those months around their grand opening. And if a specific member who reads this ...... who I was close with.... but I don’t really speak to anymore...: I don’t mean you, you was actually gracious about it and just mentioned theres another site. But I don’t see that member here anymore anyway. (You had my email and we used to talk over email as mates... another clue to you if you're reading this)
Aug 25, 2020
giphy (1).gif

So, I continued to experiment this site specializing in bullshit, and in scamming these members ...

So their $$$ Membership ... A solid gold price, ****** benefits ...
For the Platinum, no new advantage, but + 44% in 2 years !! You kidding me
In addition, as there are more and more members, it still increases the number of their Platinum members, but they already know that will not be served them...
On LOTR SILVER HDZ GB, have all Platinum members been served ??
Noooooo It is of course the rule of "the new rule at the last moment" which still intervened
U deserve an A +


I also saw that private sales were reserved for their team, because it is a mutual aid site you understand ... If the members sell each other editions, impossible to them to sell first all there own editions at a high price of course ...
The most serious is that he justifies the removal of this feature because the members do not make a donation to MP during a sale .... It's just shameful ... He says it costs them money so why do not remove the entire functionality for all, not just reserve it for certain ...
And now, It's forbidden to sell editions, even in private message !! Otherwise, it's the ban, as usual (surely dangerous for the site too... Forbidden to think about that, if not, bannnnn )


Look at what there is to sell behind the main objects ... A fortune made with your money !!!! Mediablabla is in poverty, blablablaaaa.... The community needs the financial help of its members, blablaaa...

In any case, if you need help, you can ask to talk to one of their admin,
They are very friendly and courteous, they love helping their members (but they have to pay before )
Their forum is inundated with disrespectful remarks towards their members ...


Moreover, it would be better to know how to be silent, instead of disseminating information like this, and put in danger our passion ... Do we have to talk about this publicly !?? It deserve a BAAAANNNN

One day, beauty shots, that not yet official, will circulate on their site ... But beware! It will not be their fault !! It will be yours .... And there, it will be the bannnnn, even if it will be them responsible ... (Thin ! It's already arrived on Spider-Man Weet )

Members of MediaBlabla ... Respect yourselves ... Open your eyes and... Get over here !! (MK2021)
You are their cash cow ... And he does not even respect you ... I know that you are silent because as soon as you want to talk, you are banned ... But come here, everything is more healthier ...

Don't snooze there ... Because one day, you will looooose

Sooo... Late here... Good night all

Thanks to them to help me to find many things to talk about.... I'll be back soon


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Just noticed this thread. [Rant]
They are complete jerks. I've had to 'preregister' with $30 or so, forgot the exact sum, for one of the group buys there. Checked up on it a month, two later, then forgot. The release happened over a year later, noone notified me, no automatic subscription notice, no PM, nothing, and I got banned for not paying the rest! When contacted their main admin, he was jerking me around, 'schooling' me, all the while my mother was dying (he didn't know that, but that added to the whole negative experience from my end). He was going to agree to 'unban' me, but then noticed a PayPal dispute I filed before anyone answered me from their forum, and I was thinking they're scammers of some sort, and like a high school drama queen cut the communication, posing all offended.
I didn't even want to further explain myself in front of such asswipe. What I hope happens to him I better not write. Not for the measly 30 bucks, but for the whole pretentious concept.