Mediabook Get Out (4K+2D Blu-ray Mediabooks) (MediaMarkt & Saturn Exclusive) [Germany]


Feb 25, 2020
Release date: February 4, 2021
Purchase links: TBA (Pre-order next week)
Price: TBA
Note: Each cover limited to 333 copies

122317860_2066371626827359_5418769979806346932_o.thumb.jpg.52bd830ea4c6bc837437fb1148da0918.jpg 122338028_2066371696827352_5726036365318014720_o.thumb.jpg.6d467fd7760e8b1b199daad2c1a89b72.jpg 122492351_2066371753494013_5589757366068425592_o.thumb.jpg.1df04efc04ec08c2a2bcb78f5028db86.jpg
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Nov 29, 2016
so, shall i buy more copies and scalp people, master of scalping?

but fun aside... maybe i should buy a 2nd copy in the case i get a damage one, hmmm
my last order from MM was a Steel for Neil (lol) and it came in an actual box EEK! so chances are good you will get a mint one. but on the other hand the shrinkwrap had a tear, so I think you need 3 other copies, just to be sure :p