[GIVE-AWAY] 2000 Post's and counting -CLOSED


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Feb 23, 2014
Dear Ninjas and Ninjerettes, I just did my 2000th post in this great community. So it's time to give something back!

-> If you here only for the Give-away and don't want to read some feelings skip to the next fat text <-

Back than I registered just to search for something, didn't thought I would stay since I not use any social media. I was hooked by the people and content here, stayed and only read, didn't talk to you guys since my english is not the best. After some PM's with ninjas I was coming out of the closet, talking to you since than and I don't want to miss it ever again.

In a ****** up world or at least a ****** up society theres a lot missing on a personal level. Over here I received so much love from the very first post. People from the other end of the world going way beyond for you to help you out with stuff. Great talks happening. It's awesome and I'm feeling a little bit home here, resting my mind after a stressful day :)

Special thanks:

- @harry : You was showing me love since my very first post, I felt integrated by you and you was probably a main reason why I kept on here and discovered everything else. Thank you buddy, you're a true ninja and an awesome friend :thumbs:

- @Hatori & @TobinFrost : Nearly the same like Harry, we had great talks all together, you helped me out a lot with questions on this and that. Your company is much appreciated. Thank you both so much :thumbs:

- @mlmaier84 : Buddy, I can't even describe in words how much I like our talks and how much I like you as a person I don't even know. I could write a novel here but I just say, thank you buddy from the bottom of my heart :drool: (ps. PM incoming soon :oops:)

- @Naughtius Maximus : David, it really bothers me that you going through such a difficult time. I hope everything will lighten up for you soon and that you can look forward again to positive things. Keep your head up buddy. I miss you here :dunno:

- @SteelCollz @Akina @hal9000b @claudius181991 @smatoni : My germans :emb: Guys, I love that you all being here and our group chat ******* rocks! Enough said. PROST!

- @Wreck : The main man. Lord Print. Saint Steel. Thank you for creating our world :smuggrin: I enjoy our talks now and then very much. Thanks for all advices and help. Don't forget to hit the pause button from time to time:oohyeah:

- @Apollon : The last weeks we did some great talking I really enjoy. I love the moments when you let the MOD-mode off and going nuts :LOL: :thumbs:

- @bloodsnake007 : VATOS LOCOS FOREVER carnal :notworthy: You're an awesome human being and ninja. Thanks for everything Mr Sugar Daddy Pimp with a pocket puss :naughty::LOL: You ******* rock blood

- @Actarus @luke98 : I add you together because the most talk we did was in the "one" thread. You both are amazing ninjas. Actarus, you're love for the books is incredible, keep that fire alive. Luke, *gif inserted what explains my feelings towards you* :smuggrin:

and special thanks to every ninja here who I missed out, who helped me out, who makes this community a place of fun and enjoyment. You're all awesome :notworthy: :thumbs: :drool:

also a special thanks to the whole HDN staff for making this a great place
@apsmith21 @digitalbabe @Drum18 @tridon @mllNY @Sigill @AcIDc0r3 @PunkNinja @Noodles


I don't own any doubles to give away and I keep the few ones for Ninja Week so my price for this Give-Away is a Gift Card worth 25 USD for Amazon (your country) or Zavvi that brings you a Steelbook you need or some Dog Food, amazon sells everything these days. You decide!

BUT, theres some rules :naughty::naughty::naughty:




How do you win?

1. Thank this thread

2. Post and tag a ninja who do you think should win the Gift card. You can add a message why you choose him but not necessary.

3. I will choose with random.org from the post numbers the winner. The ninja who is tagged in the winner-post will win the Gift Card!

4. How you can enter for yourself? Make sure a ninja likes you enough to give his tag to you :p

5. Give-Away will closed on November 30th, random time.

This community got so much brotherly love it will be easy for you to be in the Give-away ;)

Have fun and HDN ******* ROCKS *franky voice*

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May 25, 2015
This is one truly heart-warming give-away @dan8885 and I think you forgot to thank one ninja whose spirit never ceases and has become an integral part of our group chat and HDN itself - I tagged that ninja just now. :notworthy::notworthy:;)
I nominate @Naughtius Maximus because he truly is one awesome ninja who helps out where he can, is fun to talk to and I do hope that great times are on the horizon for him again soon. Only the best, buddy! :thumbs:
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Jan 17, 2014
Awesome giveaway and some really lovely words in your original post @dan8885 :thumbs:

There are so many awesome people on here who really make this place such a fun and geeky oasis for me it's hard to pick just one.

However I am going to choose this person and I hope my other friends don't mind but I would like for @Basil to get the giftcard as he is such a kind and wonderful person and he hasn't had the best time recently I know it won't do much to help but maybe it could put a wee smile on his face for a moment that would be great :)
Great idea @dan8885! :thumbs:

I myself have several select members that I could easily cast my vote to but as we only have the one chance and shout out to make, it's a tough decision!!! :confused::angel:

My vote goes to Farès (AKA @Apollon #TheLaw :naughty:). Since my join here on HDN, Farès has gone above and beyond the call of duty in order to help me and has been truly welcoming since the word "GO".

Whether it be via PM's, providing helpful information and valid insight, OR whether it be just general chit-chat and having a laugh (and including his classic one-liners :rofl::giggle:) Apollon's a Ninja who's always been there...

Not to mention the recent times helping me to acquire beautiful and sought after Steels and at cost too! :drool::drool::drool:

@Apollon, you're a true asset to this forum and very worthy winner! You have my vote bud! :D:thumbs: