(Give-Away) zesty birthday bumper box giveaway [WINNER CHOSEN]


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Feb 3, 2012
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OK ninja's it's that time of year again that I give something away :D

It's not my birthday till 10th August

Right, so I have kind of a stockpile of stuff building up in the spare room and the missus, quite rightfully, is giving me grief about it so here's your chance to have some of it.

Up for grabs are the folowing custom slipboxes made by me:

LOTR Fellowship of the Ring
LOTR The Two Towers
LOTR Return of the King
Batman Begins
The Dark knight
The Dark knight Rises
Magnificent Seven
Fantastic Beasts
Beauty and the Beast
King Kong (Jackson)

So this is an all or nothing give-away one winner will win all of the above so please bear in mind that the postage will not be cheap and the winner will be asked to pay postage.

So to the rules, very simple just THANK this thread (this is where the runners will come from) and tag someone in the reply that you think may want to win the prize.

Give-away will run up to around the 10th August or the closest time after that I am sober anyway.

OK think that's it fhave fun Ninja's



And the winner is @pioneer

birthday winner.PNG
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Dec 30, 2011
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Advance Happy Birthday to the Master of Custom Slips, @zesty aka Neil! You even have the same birthday as my Mom. Thank you for sharing your creations with us! Cheers! I'd like to tag @AlienKing
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May 18, 2013
Happy Early Birthday!! And thanks for the Giveaway!!

@bloodsnake007 would love these slips
Incredible BDAY Give-Away @zesty! :woot: Thanks for the opportunity to win these amazing custom creations! :hungry: :notworthy:

I'll tag back my Ninja Bro @ocielz because if he wins or I win, we can split the fullslips and shipping costs! :hilarious: :wacky:

Ninja Birthday_1.jpg
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