[Giveaway]Zavvi Horror Steelbooks & HDN Halloween Fest 3 info! [Concluded-winner chosen]


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Apr 12, 2009




HDN is excited to bring you a 5 horror Steelbook giveaway, courtesy of http://www.zavvi.com just in time to celebrate Halloween Fest 3 with us! Please check out all of their horror deals, releases and sales here

Join us all month including Oct 24-31 when our Halloween Fest tradition returns at HDN. You'll see more content, reviews, giveaways by our witches brew of writers and editors all month on the https://www.hidefninja.com front page and forum. Be sure to "watch forum" here, and see when new horror content and contests are posted! Thanks in advance for supporting their work and our event!

To enter this Zavvi giveaway, just reply to this thread and
post a pic of your favorite horror movie villain! Winner selected after Oct 31.

:ninja: Good luck ninjas & thanks for supporting the hidefninja.com community! :ninja:

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May 25, 2017
Yes!! More horror for everyone. Btw. there is an annual october horror movie watch thread, where we discuss, share and recommend recently watched horror movies. A nice thread for horror enthusiasts, if you're into horror and Halloween, feel free to join us. Link-> https://www.hidefninja.com/communit...october-watch-party.88947/page-2#post-2004393

Apart from the famous slasher villains, i go with: Dracula, the prince of darkness, portrayed by hundreds of variations in different stories and causes discomfort yet interest and scares to people since the late 19th century. A horror villain who truly combines many elements. Blood, darkness, strength, fear, myth, folklore, transformation, bats and vampires, gothic, seductive, passion, romance, anger. Draculas ability to be portrayed in such different variations makes him THE face of horror.