Glass (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Target Exclusive) [USA]

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Aug 9, 2016
Alex Ross is sometimes hit or miss for me too.
I like the original poster, but I don't like how they've mangled it to fit across the steelbook. And the inner art makes no sense to me.

Here's an updated concept of what I'd like:
Glass concept c.png
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I honestly wasn't too sure about this one at first, because the art is very different to what we usually see on steelbooks... however, I think the fact that it's so unique is what I've grown to love about it. Every time I look at the artwork I see something new that I didn't spot before, which is very cool! :thumbs:
Not sure if its been asked already. Does the steel come back into stock the night before or morning of release day similar to Best Buy? Target shows pre-orders are sold out. Thanks in advance.
Mar 24, 2013
Yes, matte unfortunately . . . not great quality matte either with streaks visible up close . . . still the best GLASS artwork around tho...
Few other pics (of director signed copy):- credit edit by wreck

... artwork looks good from a distance in butterfly mode:-

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